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Official Grok-n-Roll Band of The REVELution

The Rock-n-roll, Drum-n-bass, ElectroClash or CyberPunk genres don't accurately describe what I'm doing in this project, so I made up the Grok-n-Roll genre for it..
The word Grok is from a favorite novel of mine: "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein.

My intent is to bring myself, my band & the audience at one with transcendent, brain entraining rhythms & tones. So really, Drumadelic is a cymatic band.
Cymatics = The science of wave phenomena pioneered by Swiss medical doctor & natural scientist, Hans Jenny. Jenny used pure tones to produce physical representations of vibration (i.e. how sound manifests into form through physical mediums). Click the image below for a sample of how I use rhythms at precise beats per minute plus video flashing at simalrly resonating speeds to evoke visceral responses.

click for videoDrumadelic is coordinated multi-media sensory overload; an audio & photon emitting vortex. I design each live show to be a musical seance seeking contact with the supernal.

Here's the ad-copy I used to promotethe project:
"Part live performance, part DJ, part Synema, , ALL sense- surrounding multi-media music.. Lend me your eardrums that they may be set to flutter in ecstatic communion with sacred tones & secret rhythms." will soon re-appear to announce the re-launch date for this "Sonic Bloom". This is a collective of drummers & melodic instruments of all types. If you are an experimental musician, contact me to get invovled. I'll upload some more tracks soon.

Click here for an audio-visual Drumadelic collage from the "Apocalypse Near" DJ set. (3meg streaming quicktime)
The "Apocalypse Near" set will most likely be the first Drumadelic show depending on which single I release first. Other shows in production are entitled ; "Leaving To Zion", (a dub reggae show), The" War On War" anti-war show, & "Fight Like A Brave", which features the war drum rhythms & shamanic drumming of the plains & Hopi tribes juxtaposed against some extremely distorted guitars.. Other shows in production are Le' Sexe' show .. "And for pure fun, there's "The Trash Daze Of Disco" show, which is all about twisted versions of disco hits & obscure funk B-sides mixed with some electro-clash songs of my own.


A PermaPUNK Sonic Assault on DeathCULTure
surf the biosphere
Drumadelic yearns to harken you to the interlaced rhythm of billions of entrained hearts beating.

Quantum physics revealed that verything vibrates. Therefore everything has a rhythm. Reality may be the perceived unfolding of a groove begat with the big bang.

Now that's some bass for your face!


    Language itself is but a highly developed rhythm that began as humans first percieved patterns through sense perception & began to make sense of them.. At first imitating them by tapping on things; then beating on simple drums, then moving from imitation of nature's patterns to their own patterns which they used to communicate to one another.. And so on until this language of pure rhythm was internalized & made even more complex via intonations & fluctuations only possible in the human voice.

    Dolphins & afew other mammals exhibit some of this ability. However we, with our unique self-reflecting consciousness have created languages that are unique to humankind alone.

    What of the the unspoken language of our actions on this planet? What have we said in our action? What will we say next? Drumadelic & "Anime'Trix (the band in "Apocalypse Near"), explores these & other cosmological themes in the language of music with the intention of extrapolating & tremedicating on the groove of life which began on the biggest, 'firstest' beat of the universe. So c'mon -n- shake yo' butt to that.. And you will shake your butt to that at "The Big Bang Cosmo show"!

In infinite Love, -E.

The Drumadelic Hybri-Drumming kit, from left to right: Alessis MMT-8 sequencer, 14" chrome & Nickel snare, Theremin, 10" maple snare, distortion pedal, cable hat & hi hat pedals, trigger pad 1, module control pedal, 14" hats, 16" crash, 12" china splash, 12" remix cable hats, Roland SPD-20 module, 20" kick drum, 12" tom, trigger pad 2, 14" china, module/double kick pedal, 16" tom, Zildjian remix FX cymbals,
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