Give me purity, don't sell me death!
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   This web site outlines an film & arts project which integrates multi-media works for the purpose of an art attack! I call this "REFORMance Art" & its goal is to engineer a consciousness evolution to convert the U.S. to a natural capitalist society. This is a new strategy to advance my E=C2 mission & have fun doing it! So poke around in my imagination & let me know what you think.. (constructive criticisms only please)! Site is in beta test phase so please report problems.

This is your brain on 'reality' T.V. - Fight DeathCULTure!
To put it into fewest words possible.. We intend to SURF 'the life force'.. Elan Vitale!

This intention & the multi-media art methods for proceeding ( i.e. "REFORMance Art", "Synema", "hybri-reality" T.V., "Grok-n-Roll") are outlined in The Viridian Declaration of INTERdependence.

This is a call not to arms, but to brains!

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