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"The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination, but the combination is locked up in the safe"

-Peter DeVries

E=C2 - The Equation Is The Mission- EnvironMENTALism=Conscious Consumerism
The Message Is The Mission, is the Equation. E=C2

What is the Equation E=C2?

by E.

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   Within the bounds of this web site, the message & mission is the equation E=C2.

This equation is a piece of the massive amount of data that I feel was "upoaded" into me during my clinical death experience & it succinctly encapsulates the mission of The Conscious Consumers' Network. Getting the E=C2 message to humankind is the reason I feel I was put back into my earthly body. Business & government are not responsible for our environmental problems nor can they solve them. Only the simple, slight tick up in aggregate human consumer consciousness encapsulated in the E=C2 will avert the horrible part of my vision of earth's ecological future & bring us into the era of peaceful prosperity that I also beheld while brain dead on the operating table. Which future we will possess is simply a choice yet to be made by humankind. It's not about races, nations or politics, it's a simple choice made by humankind & we are running out of time in which to make it.

  HERE are the variable definitions of the  E=C2 social calculus equation: Whereas the variable E denotes the concept EnvironMENTALism as a way humanity could live in a symbiotic, synergetic* relationship with the biosphere, the equation relates this concept with "C", the variable for both Consciousness & Consumerism.

   The exponent two postulates that by marrying an expanded human consciousness (i.e. a consciousness that continuously seeks a more homeostatic relationship with the natural resource base in which it is interdependently contained), then we can balance our demands on the biosphere & experience exponentially positive results which become the byproduct of this equation).

   I capitalize the 'mental' part of the word environMENTALism to call attention to the fact that environmentalism is a human concept in itself, & is therefore a product of consciousness (mental activity) in & of itself. This puts the property of consciousness on both sides of the equation.

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    * synergy - Etymology: New Latin synergia, from Greek synergos working together
  1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
  2. Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect. similar to symbiosis & homeostasis in many aspects.


   As mathematics is a human abstraction of mental absolutes & as our current problems with planetary resources & the pollution produced in putting them to our use, being also a uniquely human phenomenon, we can postulate that these problems can be ameliorated by a fundamental tweaking of aggregate human consciousness.

   I believe, that for every individual that begins to make even small symbiotic changes in their consumption behaviors, we will begin to experience exponentially positive results, because consumption behaviors are an ongoing biological requirement. You might say consumption (like the speed of light) is a constant.. (unless you stop eating, drinking, breathing etc. for considerable periods of time). If you do, let me know how, because air quality continues to drop as we burn petroleum. Heck, we've already been fooled into buying H20, O2 is the next corporate gold mine being staked.

   To sum up, I see the environmental problem as a uniquely human problem directly related to our 'unique within the universe (as far as we know) self-reflective consciousness that has stalled at a point of collective self gratification of the physical component of its existence. This materialist fixation also continues to remove humankind from a relationship with the spirit component (but I'll save that problem for another article). I contend the environmental challenges we face are solvable by small shifts in collective consciousness as it relates to the constant behavior of human consumption. Fixing the problem is do-able, but only by those who do it. (i.e. all of 'We The Consumers',. E=C2 is a concept that can be easily kept in mind everytime you consume anything. Invoking the equation in every consumption decision puts environmental responsibility in the hands of the consumer who in turn drives the supply demand economy & manufacturing through each consumption decision. If it harms your environment don't buy it & it won't be manufactured. This website is full of consumption behaviors that will turn our planet toward symbiotic, natural capitalism. Humans control the destiny of all life on earth by what & how they choose to consume.

   The other living creatures of this planet do not have our self reflective consciousness, & neither do they manufacture macro, (i.e. planetary) problems.. (unless you count the problems caused by the animals we artificially raise for slaughter in quenching our meat-centric diet. Again, humans do that; (Can't blame the cows.

Learn more about E=C2 here.

   So don't be a pig led to the slaughter.. ( as Perry Farrell put it; a "Pig In Zen.") Pig's in Zen Change your mind & we can change the world. E=C2 is a plan to do just that. I challenge you to show me how it could NOT work (other than humans choosing NOT to DO IT.

   In writing that last section I'm reminded of the simple concept from the movie "Pay It Forward". Maybe someone out there should do a web site that puts that concept into action. ;->
Now that you know the equation, Wear it. Be the REVELution, spread the consciousness..

'E=C2' organic cotton T-shirts & other Swag. I'm designing other C2 gear, so

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