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"To achieve great things we must live as if we were never going to die."

-Marquis De Vauvenargues


E=C2 - The Equation Is The Mission-
EnvironMENTALism=Conscious Consumerism
The MISSION? - Be The 'REVELution'!
Engage in corporate lobby & viridian green futurism
by CCN creator, E.

Electronic media visionary Marshall McLuhan stated "The medium is the message."  Within the bounds of this web site, the message is the equation E=C2, (E equals C squared or "EnvironMENTALism = Conscious Consumerism). Additionally, we, the consumers are the equation, or at least the variable factor responsible for its product. My equation is an obvious play on Einstein's E=MC2 equation on energy & matter. So, in the matter of how we expend our energy & consume goods & services, I say we all have a responsibility & we can do better for ourselves, our children, & our neighbors. Click here for the variable definitions of E=C2

I created the Conscious Consumers' Network to serve as a nexus of information & communication to help "make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone." (-R. Buckminster Fuller). The contemplation of Fuller's extremely idealistic words led to the creation of this extremely idealistic site. Whether this goal is attainable or not is not the ultimate issue. Movement in that direction is. Who's to say where we can end up if we but move toward such an idyllic goal.

    C2 seeks to accomplish this goal by utilizing the greatest natural resource at our disposal; the human consciousness. Indeed, this mission is only possible if masses undertake it as their own by becoming conscious of how they can affect change through their choices in the marketplace; thus forcing industry & government to fall in line with that will.

    Towards this end, 'C-Squared' will seek to provide a forum to network consumers & natural-capitalist businesses with one another to forward the shared goals of global health, wealth & a new understanding of natural resource accounting & sustainable profitability.

    C2 takes the position that through the current state of human intelligence with respect to the understanding of natural systems (indeed, there are more scientists & engineers alive on the planet today than in any other time in history) and by advancing current technology, that environmentalism & capitalism are not mutually exclusive goals. What we need to accomplish this kind of progress is not a bloody revolution, but a design revolution.

    C2 is not advocating a moralistic argument on why civil society should give up everything, return to nature & become, tree-hugging environmentalists living under legally proscribed systems of environmentalism. Indeed this kind of environmentalism has been expensive , & as the U.S. has seen in the last four years, it only takes one administration to turn the clock back 30 years with respect to legally proscribed environmentalism. Consumers drive the economy, so maybe we can steer it somewhere. Maybe we can make this site into part of that vehicle. Also, I guess I just want to create a world I feel comfortable bringing children into.

I say that the only way we will get the spoiled children of the industrial age to change is by using what drives them against them.. (what 'they' don't realize is that against 'them' is really for 'them' because 'them is us'. What drives spoiled children? Covetous & envy for something better that someone else has but they don't. The greedy will be harder to reach at first, but will fall in line when they find themselves exiled by a conscious community aware of their inability to commit 'egocide' & of their fear-centric behavioral flaws. Therefore the art of seduction will be employed to entice, rather than drag anybody anywhere. Seduction only works if you've got something better that someone else desires. It's necessary that the conscious consumer live by example & live better. There are many ways to do this with many available products & technologies. This site is about covering them, communicating them & making them available to consumers. For more "mission" statement type nattering & for the the variable definitions of E=C2 Click here. You may also check the About & About Me pages for more.. (Yes I tend to overstate me points & am in need of an editor)!

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead, 1901-78

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