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earth how often
has the naughty thumb
of science prodded
thou answereth
them only with

-E.E. Cummings

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The Rebirth of Cool - Viridian Green Style
by E.
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      "Green" is an oft used buzz word in the fashion industry, however, just because a company is not employing a 3rd-world sweat shop labor force or burning rain forests to produce cheap clothing does not mean they are "green".
V - Girl Rose Elixer Indeed, many clothiers are labeling themselves "green" & selling their products at higher mark-ups for having such distinctions. But who is really green & who's Greenwashing? Here's a hint: If the manufacturer sells cotton that is not organic, then they are not "Green". Non-organic cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops grown.

A larger problem that may prevent bhigher sales of earth friendly clothing is the lack of contemporary style choices. More high fashion designers need to start hanging organic cotton clothing and "green" couture on top models strutting the cat walks of Paris & New York. I say Enough with the baggy hemp shirts, shorts, sandals & hippy clothing.. If environmentally conscious clothing is going to catch on, it's going to have to get some fashion consciousness.

    While it's great that many clothing & textile manufacturers are joining modern civility by no longer exploiting a poverty stricken 3rd-world work force, C2 seeks to find designers & clothiers who are making a fashion statement by designing attractive clothing made from innovative, organic fibers, low impact dyes, manufactured in advanced, eco-conscious factories, by a labor force that is treated under socially responsible guidelines. This fulfills a more full sense of what it means to be "green".

   At C2, I want to go one step further into "Viridian Greenism" & seek the best designers. Hippie-centric styles only preach environmentalism to the converted. It is the broad consumer base that needs to be reached to make meaningful impacts. Therefore, we demand clothing that makes people feel good because they know their clothing is not being manufactured at grievous expense to the biosphere . However, we Viridians, also desire higher-than-fashion, pragmatic, futuristic, techno-cultural, 'urban attack-wear'.. ;-> Seductive, apparell that can be donned anywhere; from nightclub to office to skatepark. We need gear that can keep up with all the phases of modern life, including a place to hold our wireless devices & I-pods.. (such is the "EveryWear" & "Wear For Art Thou" clothing I have designed).

Viridian PermaPunks know that we no longer need to shock the bourgeoisie with our clothing.. We need to be able to move among them invisibly as we advance our agenda to rise out of the filth of the 20th century & satisfy needs that current systems are not effectively fulfilling. The current Western system is still mostly a 20th century, industrial revolution relic that fulfills desires at a price too high for the biosphere to sustain.. A price which leaves this generation with the task of re-designing the global climate so that our offspring don't live with the aesthetically regrettable consequence of baking to death amidst a century's worth of trash & noxious gas. Design engineers are needed for this REVELution. We seek a bloodless REVELlution, because war takes away from leisure & requires a uniform that is not our own..

   How about making your next clothing purchase a "Green" one right now?

   Our Viridian Green fashion area will also cover manufacturers of cosmetics & other beauty products who take a creative approach toward preserving our natural environment and/or make contributions to environmentally friendly organizations. You can now comment on this article in the C2 blog area.

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