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"Everyonehas gone back to a place that they remember from childhood & seen an apartment complex or a K-mart. When I was growing up we were on the edge of the Everglades. Now we're in the middle of mall hell."

-Carl Haasen

Engage in sustainable corporate futurism & Viridian Green product development
Environmentally Conscious Consumer Activism. Turn the tables & Lobby Big Business.

What You Can Learn About Here...

• How consumers can become "corporate lobbyists

• How we all may be able to engage in corporate futurism & product development.

Sign My petition for a National Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

   10/04/08 update: I'll be converting the entire C2 website to community format in the next few days so that users can interact with all the articles & share their views. Click here to visit the new blog section. I'll be moving more C2 content there in the coming days so that you can interact with it. You can leave your thoughts & comments on the content there now.

This page will soon include contact info on several corporations.. (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly).. so netizens can send e-mail petitions & other electronic media to corporations & government to express appreciation/dismay on environmental policy, products etc. Big Business lobbies government to get what they want, it's time "We the consumers" lobby for what we want. Stop waiting for government to straighten out the environmental catastrophe. Lets develop ways to go straight to the source & let big business know what we think they're doing right/wrong & what actions we want from them.

Corporations spend millions every year in consumer research trying to find out what we want... Let's construct effective means to let them know directly. Start now. Go to our activism forum & discuss these topics now. Express your ideas on how we may effectively co-create these changes.

Let's leverage the Internet to lobby against companies that produce harms affecting all biological entities. We are all responsible... Don't support companies who profit at our expense. Fight deathCULTure & "Deserve Victory". -Winston Churchill.

Netizens unite & take power back from corporate polluters. Support corporate progressives. Go to the Mindful Mall & interact with some of these companies now. We can join together in our numbers in this very place & become a force for progress. Manufacturers are nothing without the consumers feeding them dollars. We live in a supply & demand economy, so let's demand what we want in mass.

A quick thing you can do to ease stress on the environment & yourself is to Stop Unwanted Junk Mail. Another thing you can do is read this post in the activism forum &join thid boycott to drive your fuel prices down to a fair price. Ultimately we all need to learn that we need to stop using gasoline. I am working on an initiative for the Hydrogen economy next... so join the e-mail group & come back soon.

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