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"The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad and incomplete. -Marshall McLuhan"

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What You Can Learn About Here...

• Vehicles you can drive now that increase fuel efficiency

• Vehicles in development that will run without fossil fuels

• Setting up a Home based Business & Telecommuting

• Cities in conversion to cleaner mass transit systems

One of the major contributers to air & several other forms of pollution is the automobile, & Americans, with their love for size & horsepower spew a disproportionate amount of this pollution. With the Bush administration's roll backs in EPA regulations & a tax package that made it more attractive to buy the biggest SUV's to get tax breaks, it appears that this country has actually shifted into environmental reverse.

However, their are strides being made within several transportation companies who see future profits in their current development of highly efficient fossil fuel & alternative fuel vehicles. Browse this section to learn about some of these companies & contribute you're knowledge about companies & products you'd like to see covered here.

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Current Feature Article:
Exclusive Interview with Thomas Kasmer -
inventor of the Hydristor.

Stories in Production: Forget Transportation & Telecommute! (Home Based Business Saves Lives. (check back soon)

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