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"An Inconvenient Truth" Film Supports The Conscious Consumers' Mission - editorial on the global warming documentary narrated by Al Gore.

Tampa 'Greenesis' House
My ‘HyGrid’ Home Learning Project
( Transforming from Traditional Housing To A Renewable Energy 'Hygrid' Home )

Neil Young, John Ritter, Laura Branigan, Me, & You...
Is there an 'Aneurysmic' Epidemic? ...Tthere may be a direct relationship to the depletion of minerals in the soil of the American farmlands.

What is the Equation E=C2 ?
A dirge on the mission/equation that inspires me to build this site.

The Future Of The American Automobile?
An exclusive interview with Inventor Thomas Kasmer.

The C2 East Star Earthship Project Learn About the energy self sufficient, hurricane resistant home that will be the future headquarters & fortress of solitude for the Conscious Consumers Network.

Green Change or Hot Wind at GE?
How General Electric’s aquisition of Enron Wind Corp positioned them within this growing industry of wind power & renewable energy. Natural capitalism in a pure form.

Escape From The Planet of the Cows
Explore how the Meat-centric diet pollutes a lot more than just the body of those who engage in it.

Is Your "Home" Green? How Green Does Your Garden Grow?
Make your home more alluring, cleaner, healthier, & technologically advanced. You can make your home a state-of-the-art palace for your family with a new level of creature comforts, while simultaneously making the outside world we all share & depend upon a better, healthier place.

The Health Conscious Diet Is The Environmentally Conscious Diet You may think that eating organic is more expensive, but when you take into account the fact that you get more nutrition for your dollar, (not to mention what you'll save in medical bills by not ingesting pesticide residues), then add on the facts about how organic farming preserves & nurtures the soil, it turns out to be much less expensive.

Does Corporate America Compromise National Security?
A study of how the short term profiteering of some of our major corporations can make this country an easy target for its enemies.

Has Your Brain Been Greenwashed Today?
Learn the difference between really socially responsible businesses & those who use environmentalism as an advertising strategy.

Keeping Up With The Jones's Becomes Keeping Up With The Greens
The additional costs of green architecture & construction are investments that pay off in savings on energy bills, higher property value & the assurance that if mass power & other utilities fail for any reason, you'll still be kicking back with your surround sound in effect, your 'fridge cold & your shower hot. Now who's better off, the Greens or the Jones's?

The Rebirth of Cool - Viridian Green Style
"Green" is a buzz word being thrown around a lot in the fashion industry. Just because a company is not employing a 3rd-world sweat shop labor force to produce cheap clothing does not mean they are "green". Indeed, many clothiers are labeling themselves "green" with such claims & then selling their products at higher prices. But who is really green & who's Greenwashing. ...And enough with the baggy hemp shirts, shorts & hippy clothing... If environmentally conscious clothing is going to catch on, it's going to have to get some fashion consciousness.

Toxic Sports... Should there be an environmental impact fee for some sports?

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