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"polluters should pay to clean up the pollution they’ve created rather than impose the burden on taxpayers."

-Al Gore

"An Inconvenient Truth" Film Supports The Conscious Consumers' Mission
By E.Haase, 05/03/06

   I was happy to hear of the new film "An Inconvenient Truth", which is narrated by Al Gore, because it supports data I've been presenting on this website for the past 2 years. If you're a regular visitor to "The Conscious Consumers' Network, then you already know this. My mission with this web site is to provide solutions to the environmental threats we face as a result of unbridled industrial pollution.

   My hope is that this film & all the science it presents in more powerful ways than I can on this website will more effectively reach the consumer base & that they will make changes, such as those I present on this website & that we may begin to correct the collective consumption behaviors that acontribute to global warming & several other environmental catastrophes. There is much data showing that we must change our poisonous output before the biosphere reaches an oncoming point of no return where it cannot cleanse itself of our wastes.

    So please look around this site to see what you can do to create a better world for yourself, your children, & all children.

  Renewable & sustainable energy technology is improving faster than consumer awareness of it, so please educate yourself on how you can often shop for a better life for yourself & the planet. Let's face it, American's love to shop, so if you can't cure yourself of excessive materialism, at least learn to symbiotically shop.

  See my E=C2 equation to find out how spreading this consciousness logically solves our environmental problem without legislation, unreasonable sacrifice or war.

     The natural resource base is the source of all our wealth, so if you are truly a patriot who believes in sound business & the American way, you will do due diligence & study the independently produced scienceon global warming before making snap comments on the basis of blind political affiliations. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, but an issue of survival of our economy & the species. Our economic view has been focused on short term returns & has in that process sacrificed the future of stable capitalist growth.

    WIthout natural resources being included in the accounting processes of manufacturers we can never truly understand the cost of goods & services & maintain responsible business practices that can exist sustainably & support more than executives seeking to bail out on golden parachutes while all else goes down in flames.



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