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"Adapt or perish, now as ever, is Nature's inexorable imperative."
-H.G. Wells

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Do Elements of Corporate America Compromise National Security?
An InfoTorial by US

    “Socially responsible” or “ethical" investment is proposed to equate with investing with a conscience. There are currently several mutual fund & investment firms claiming to evaluate companies with “environmental”, “green”, “socially responsible” and/or “Cruelty-Free” screening criteria. However, there is no reason the individual investor can’t use their own conscience and the information resources available via the several on-line trading firms to evaluate public companies for themselves. Conscious investors can use free information on the Internet to build and utilize a personalized set of screening criteria in building their portfolio. The objective is to eliminate ethically objectionable investments and identify ethical and ecologically aware (sustainable business / natural capitalist) investments.
The concept of ethical investment is not new, however, the concept has broadened its original meaning. In the past, an ethical company was one that did not malign social welfare (i.e. exploit the social condition or humane needs of others or utilize children to produce goods & services). While this is still a primary criterion for ethical investing, in recent years the term has come to encompass businesses that also do not pollute and threaten the security of sovereign nations.
When it comes to our national security, we might consider all these criteria as one in the same.

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Does Corporate America Compromise National Security?

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