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"We are a rock revolving, around a golden sun. We are a billion children rolled into one."

-Julian Lennon in song 'Saltwater'
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The Future Of The American Automobile?
You Say Hydrogen, & I say Hydristor
An exclusive interview with Inventor Thomas Kasmer.
By E (11/09/04, updated 09/14/06) Danielle Randolph (copy editor)
Field reporting by United States Media Corps. A division of ImagiMedia, Inc.
9/20/05 update! - Tom Kasmer will be in the 12/05 issue of WIRED mag! But you read his story here 1st on The Conscious Consumers' Net

     Inventor Thomas Kasmer may have the “killer app” for your car’s addiction to the Paleolithic era’s byproducts. Hydrogen fuel cells are delayed in becoming integrated within the automotive industry because of the required changes in national infrastructure & a lingering liquid hydrogen storage tank problem (among other problems).

    Kasmer claims his Hydristor can be implemented into the basic design of modern automobile drive trains to cut fuel consumption in half and increase, NOT decrease performance.

    Perhaps equally important is the claim that most autos on the road today can be rather inexpensively retrofit with the hydristor. This would mean more immediate widespread results that could ease stress on the environment to a significant degree, while drastically reducing foreign oil dependence, & thus discontinue lining enemy pockets with U.S. money. It might be a bit harder to fly airplanes into buildings halfway around the planet if you’re broke.

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    There is quite a bit of technical information available about Kasmer’s patented Hydristor system on the web (follow the links at the end of the article for more information), but I wanted to find out what makes a guy like this tick. Kasmer developed the Hydristor virtually on his own with investments he solicited from private financiers.

    The Hydristor has literally been a lifetime in the making. Hydristor combines the words hydraulic & transistor. Kasmer claims the automotive application is but one of the everyday needs this technology can revolutionize.. Or should I say 'evolutionize'.

WARNING: Reading this article may make you feel confident about procreating again...

    Tom Kasmer spoke with me in a phone interview on 10/21/04.

(03/27/05 update - Mr. Kasmer was saddened to learn of the passing of John Delorean on 03/19/05. John was interested in using the Hydristor in a new version of his now classic Delorean automobile. Since expressing interest in using the Hydristor in mid 2004, Delorean had become Mr. Kasmer's mentor & advisor; speaking with him about once weekly. "I will miss his wise counsel". -Tom Kasmer

I was hoping to scoop the entire news industry with the news that DeLorean had a new mass production car prototype ready. Instead, John has decided to get off this planet while the gettins' good. Well, at least there was a time when I was the only news-man in the world that had that information. =->.

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