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"What have they done to the earth
What have they done to our fare sister
Ravaged & plundered & ripped her & bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn and,
Tied her with fences and
Dragged her down."

- Jim Morrison

Each One Teach One. Participate InThis Virtual Community!
Extract heads from butts that we may salvage them! =->
C3 -The Conscious Consumer Community.

    I transformed most of the C2 website to community (social network) format so you can interact with content, add content & share your views. Click here to visit the new C3 Community.

   You can make your own profile here.

    I had to temporarily remove the 2004 through 2009 forums because they've been attacked by spammers trying to get people buy the meaningless crap my site seeks to avert consumers from. If you had a forum profile, please set up a new one in the new community & I'll transfer your old forum posts there.

    Thanks to everyone who's added t progressive thoughts & insights to this site. It's people like you who keep America prosperous & free. Death to spammers!

    If you have a story idea, article or opinion you'd like to contribute for the site, please e-mail me.

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Please use the Conscious Consumers' Community to discuss, debate &/or share more information on the content presented within this site or related topics only.

There are only few, rules:
Adhere to polite social standards. No o flaming, obsceneties, or conduct that is not in accordance with a the simple "do unto others" rule. No product endorsing or advertising. If you are part of a sustainable, eco-friendly company & want your product or service covered, then please contact us.

    Please play nice, or at least fair... Discuss in the spirit of progress, not judgement. Remember we're all in this 2gether. Please stay on topic with the sustainable resource economy, natural capitalism, environmentally responsible & renewable energy issues presented within this site.

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energy | diet | fashion| home/garden | construction | investment | transportation | agriculture

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