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"Revolution means removal of that which is antiquated."

_R. Wihelm's I Ching translation

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What You Can Learn About Here...

• How to equip an "Ultra Green Home", the true 'Smart Home,' by following me as I work on my 'Genesis' project home here & toward building my ultimate self sustainable hurricane survival home.

• How to plant & maintain an organic (pesticide free) garden

• The non-toxic way to clean & maintain your home

• Environmentally Conscious Products for your Home & Garden

• How to find "green" home services

Is Your "Homee" Green?
How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

by E.
   [ ] Home is the one place where you can have control of your immediate environment. However, what you buy to put into & service your immediate environment has an effect on our collective environment. In this last place where you have full control, you can choose to learn to make your home more alluring, cleaner, healthier, & technologically advanced. Opt to make your house a state-of-the-art place for you & your family with a new level of creature comforts, while making the outside world we all share a better, cleaner, healthier place.

   Imagine if this idea caught on.. Imagine if everyone started to learn to make these choices. Not only would our personal lives improve, but manufacturers would be forced to supply what the public demanded & switch focus to meet this demand. This would cause prices on "green" products to fall, as they would no longer be specialty items. So live by example. Inspire your friends & neighbors.

  Bring about this change for your home-castle. In a time where most of us may feel disenfranchised & unable to make much of a difference beyond our immediate surroundings, we must learn that every time we spend money we are supporting something somewhere. We are in effect voting for some company to keep doing what they are doing to provide us with some product. If many of us have convinced ourselves that our vote at the polls does not matter, that corporations are responsible for putting our leaders in office through huge political contributions, & then further controlling policy through lobby, then we should realize that it is the collective "us" that gives them this power through our dollars. We go to the polls every day we spend money. It's time we all looked deeper at what we are voting for with every dollar we spend. Consumer power is the highest power in a capitalist society.

   One easy way we can begin to do this is by learning about the companies we support with our hard earned dollars by visiting the Responsible Shopper web site. This site makes it easy to search for the good, bad & ugly information on major corporations. The other thing we can do is begin to educate oursleves on new methods, products, services & technolgies that can make our homes more clean, comfortable, safe, healthy & truly modern, then support the progressive businesses that are trying to provide consumers with these products & services. That's where "Conscious Consumers" comes in. I've made it my mission to keep this site an up to date archive of information consumers can use to own the next industrial revolution so we may pass on dividends to our progeny rather than divisions. Also check out our conscious construction area for more info about building a healthier home or converting your present home to renewable technologies.

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