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Environmentally Conscious Home & Garden Books

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Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century - by Danny Seo
As a leading environmentalist, Seo believes it doesn't take much time, effort or money to make a difference in the world. It's the small choices we make everyday-from what we wear to what we furnish our homes with-that have a tremendous impact. In this gorgeously illustrated book, Seo describes hundreds of unique, readily available products and easy projects to help you create a comfortable, elegant living space without harming the planet.
In Conscious Style Home, Seo transforms his parents' suburban home. Recycled paint in gorgeous colors brightens the rooms; bamboo blinds allow plenty of natural light; simple white canvas and hemp slipcovers give sofas & chairs a face-lift; recycled glass tiles accent the bathroom; luxurious organic cotton sheets and fluffy comforters stuffed with EcoSpun (made from recycled bottles) make the bedrooms a sanctuary.
So, whether you're planning to paint a wall, re-decorate a cluttered office, plant a garden, re-do the kitchen, or buy a new comforter, Conscious Style Home is an invaluable resource packed with easy projects, creative ideas and suggestions for enhancing your living space, indoors & out.

Chíc Eco Directory, 2004 Edition -by Delia Montgomery
The Chíc Eco Directory consist of environmental wholesale design sources for homes, bodies and gardens. Discover thousands of creative products made from artisans around the world distributed by nearly one thousand verified businesses. Fashion, art, aromatherapy and cosmetics for all genders and ages made from botanicals, essential oils, hemp, bamboo, coir, jute, kenaf, sisal, organic cotton, recycles, derivatives &more.
Wholesalers offer product development instruments and can assist in business to business needs. Retailers, marketeers and consultants may benefit from creative vendors while consumers can learn what to look for in every fashion forte. This directory will save time and money for wholesalers, retailers and individuals. CD-ROM included.
more info or BUY

The New Natural House Book : Creating a Healthy, Harmonious, & Ecologically Sound Home by David Pearson
H undreds of practical energy- and money-saving ideas to enhance your home, your environment, and your well-being.
Originally published in 1989, The Natural House Book anticipated our problems with garbage disposal, indoor air pollution, water purification, and environmental hazards. Today more than ever, we need inspiration and cutting-edge information to transform our homes into havens for the body, mind, and spirit.
Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 full-color photos, combining the expertise of top architects, designers, and ecology authorities from all over the world, here is a hands-on, step-by-step, room-by-room architectural and design guide to bring you and your family safely and happily into the twenty-first century.
You'll find out how to:
# Use the latest toxin-free materials
# Improve air and water quality
# Save energy
# Minimize maintenance
# Create green space
# Combat environmental hazards
# Incorporate aromatherapy and feng shui
# Design a personal space for contemplation
# Build an exercise room
# Use color, texture, and design to create a nourishing, stress-free environment for your family
Featuring a new Gaia House prototype design, a new Charter for Natural Building, and completely updated appendices on natural paints and varnishes, household cleaners, and indoor air pollution, as well as a mail-order resource list for furniture, carpeting, water filtration, and textiles, The New Natural House Book will help you create a better future.

    Eco Chic: Organic Living -by Rebecca Tanquery, Rebecca Tanquera
Eco Chic is an essential & stylish guide to following this new eco-consciousness, looking at the organic movement in four key areas: food & drink, interiors & design, health &beauty & fashion. More Info or Buy Now.


Simply Green : Beautiful & Ecological Design Solutions for Every Room -by Rebecca Tanqueray
Many sustainable solutions are offered for consumers who worry about the earth's shrinking resources and how to live responsibly without sacrificing beauty in their living spaces

Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles: Techniques for Nontoxic Housekeeping & Gardening -by Ellen Sandbeck
Many homemakers and gardeners take the easy way out when it comes to exiling odors and banishing bugs--they use toxic chemicals that may be harmful to their families and the earth. Ellen Sandbeck has discovered that the all-natural alternatives are just as easy and effective to use, and that they are wickedly fun. Sandbeck's way of banishing thistles from her backyard kingdom is a case in point: she chops off their heads and lets them bleed to death. Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles reveals all of her best tricks. From bedroom to bathroom, garden to lawn, your home will be clean and green and pest-free.
Explode cockroaches with baking soda and sugar
Freshen your car with coffee grounds
Keep out slugs with a bread dough that kills
Armor your plants with soap spray
Grow disease-resistant plants by putting sick ones in your compost pile
Eradicate crayon marks with mayonnaise
Protect your roses with a minefield of garlic
Get rid of raccoons with dirty laundry
Cure plant viruses with spoiled milk

Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House & Garden -by Hilary Dole Klein
Every year Americans use a staggering five hundred million pounds of toxic pesticides in and around their homes, schools, parks, and roads-a growing health risk for people and the environment. But are these poisons really necessary? This book, appealing to the hunter in us all, shows how to triumph in combat with pests without losing the war to toxic chemicals. Tiny Game Hunting, written in a lively and entertaining style and illustrated with detailed drawings, gives more than two hundred tried-and-true ways to control or kill common household and garden pests without using toxic pesticides.

Newman's Own Organics Guide to a Good Life -by Nell Newman
essential book for those of us who can’t live in an organic hemp tepee but do care about our quality of life, global warming, clean water, and disappearing resources.
Nell Newman shows you how to do what is within easy reach. Along with realistic, practical advice, she shows how and why living a more environmentally conscious life benefits you and your immediate surroundings. In addition to recycling and reusing, the book covers consumer-related steps such as
• how buying and eating organic food supports small farms (and tastes better, too)
• how you can buy clean power through your regular power company
• which long-distance telephone companies offer competitive pricing and service while returning a portion of their profits to environmental and educational organizations
• where to buy everything—from pots and pans to pet food—so that you can “vote with your dollar” and feel good about your purchases
Packed with profiles of fascinating—and sometimes zany—people and a heavy dose of sanity, this book is organized according to the way you really live, making it easy to identify what areas of change are viable for you. A resource directory of publications, retailers, groups, and associations is included in the back of the book.

Green Living : A Practical Guide to Eating, Gardening, Energy Saving & Housekeeping For A Healthy Planet - by Sarah Callard, Diane Millis

The Organic Home Garden: How to Grow Fruits & Vegetables Naturally -by Patrick Lima, John Scanlan

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