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"The only way you can possibly take care of everyone is through a design revolution... Doing more with less.

- Bucky Fuller."

News & Information Resources Toward A Healthy, Wealthy Global Future
Investor Relations

    The Conscious Consumers Network is the first site of a vast consumer information portal in development by ImagiMedia InterActive, Inc. I'm seeking financial investment to increase news gathering capabilities, build an investigative journalism department & add to I.T. infrastructure. Funds are also needed for legal purposes. I have network business technology I believe is patentable as well as other intellectual property in need of trademark protection.

    Imagimedia currently owns over 20 URL's & is developing web destinations that will form the rest of the "Conscious Consumers" portal.

     A more ambitious news site is also in development. The "Conscious Consumer" portal is the forerunner / test arm of this project which can be discussed under non disclosure agreements with interested investors. E-mail for more information.

Any donations will help keep me working on this project.

Thanks to current investors:

The Consulate Family Trust


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energy | diet | fashion| home/garden | construction | investment | transportation | agriculture

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