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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.."

- Gandhi

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About The Conscious Consumers' Network

    The Conscious Consumers Network is a division of ImagiMedia InterActive, Inc.; a privately held Internet development & multi-media production company. Conscious Consumers is currently funded by a single investor, Me!... About Me ... So I ask visitors to help keep this project growing and fulfilling it's mission by contributing information, buying products through our secure site, and making donations.

    Some of the eco-conscious products we cover can be obtained under affiliated relationships with their manufacturers & resellers. Clicking to order these items will take you to another site for purchase, but a commission for the "click through" is retained for the Conscious Consumers Network. Links to products in the Google AdSense column are generated through Google and may not always directly reflect our mission. However, we will do our best to monitor these ads and block those that are incompatible. Keep us informed if you see such ads. My philosophy is that we are all responsible as consumers and it is our duty to keep each other on mission. We are all at least partly responsible for our present condition and a great part of that responsibility and condition-creation lies in what we choose to consume.

    Continued support of this site through product purchases and / or donations will yield a more ambitious, similarly oriented Internet news community currently in development & awaiting more substantial funding. So please, tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Use the tools in our "Share Consciousness / C2 Network Neighborhood™" to help spread

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the wisdom & wealth that a resource accountable / resource renewable economy can generate... Let people know about this site. Send a broadcast email to your address book or send an electronic greeting card to someone special... Everyone loves getting a good greeting card anyway. so send one with a purpose intended for the greater good.

    Buying products through the Conscious Consumers web site is always intended to be an exponential investment in yourself, society and the shared global biosphere. To ensure that the integrity of this site remains in tact, we have set up "C3", or the "Conscious Consumers Community™" area where we encourage you to speak your mind on any and all content presented. If you purchase a product through this site that you feel does not live up to our mission statement, please contact us and/or post your findings about the product within the community. Also contact us if you find a news item or product that you feel should be covered. Similarly, if you find information presented that is in error, please contact us so that I can correct it and post the information in our errors and omissions area.

The Conscious Consumers" Network is intended to be a participatory news and information site. That means that all users are considered citizen reporters who can share and update information so that the site is continually updated and corrected as situations evolve.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, to read and to care about one another. This is intended to be your network. That's why there's an apostrophe after the s in Conscious Consumers'. It. like the planet is possessive to all of us, so lets cooperate.
In infinite Love & light,

Conscious Consumer
(or at least trying to be)

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