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"The cost of a thing is that amount of life which must be exchanged for it."

- Henry David Thoreau

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Renewable Energy - Flipping the Switch to a Sustainable Fuel Economy

What You Can Learn About Here...

• C2 Article: Hot Air or Green Change at GE

• Projects for transference from the fossil fuel economy

• Businesses profiting through environmental responsibility

• Government programs assisting natural capitalism

• Personalities promoting clean energy change

• The science &technology behind clean energy production

• Products, services & links to programs that you can purchase or     become involved with to help create this change

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Energy Infotorial By E.
    Energy. We all use and sometimes misuse it. Fossil fuel energy production and use is the major factor associated with environmental decline. The production of carbon dioxide has exceeded the rate at which plant life (which is also being harvested beyond its rate of replacement) can recycle it back into oxygen ( know, that stuff we breath?) There is no other option for making the conversion from carbon dioxide to oxygen on this mass level. So what are we going to do about it? Well, we've already been suckered into paying for drinking water, so I guess we'll just pay for breathing air next. That's O. K. with you, isn't it? It's seems just right that we should pay the same corporations who befoul the air for the privilege of clean air. Good business plan. Let's pollute the air and make billions selling air! Alright, gotta run to the store and buy some water. Be back soon. -E.Haase

Luckily, there is human consciousness capital & some very bright people using it to help us out of this fix. Learn how you can help them help us all by reading on and then participating any way you can.

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