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"The sun, the moon and the stars would have disapeared long ago, had they happened to be within reach of predatory human hands."
- Havelock Elliis

Renewable Energy Books. Learn about he Sustainable Fuel Economy
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Charging Ahead - The Business of Renewable Energy &What It Means for America, John J. Berger.  Definitive overview of solar, wind power, biomass/biofuel, and geothermal in the U.S., with added info on efficiency ("The Sleeping Giant" ), electric and fuel cell cars, more.

The Color Of Oil - The History, the Money, & the Politics of the World's Biggest Business, Michael Economides & Ronald Oligney.  A fascinating view of the oil business, written by two insiders.  Yes,  wars are fought over access to oil, and without oil, we'd all be freezing in the dark.

The End Of Oil -by Paul Roberts
Petroleum is now so deeply entrenched in our economy, our politics, and our personal expectations that even modest efforts to phase it out are fought tooth and nail by the most powerful forces in the world: companies and governments that depend on oil revenues; the developing nations that see oil as the only means to industrial success; and a Western middle class that refuses to modify its energy-dependent lifestyle. But within thirty years, by even conservative estimates, we will have burned our way through most of the oil that is easily accessible. And well before then, the side effects of an oil-based society — economic volatility, geopolitical conflict, and the climate-changing impact of hydrocarbon pollution — will render fossil fuels an all but unacceptable solution. How will we break our addiction to oil? And what will we use in its place to maintain a global economy and political system that are entirely reliant on cheap, readily available energy?
Brilliantly reported from around the globe, The End of Oil brings the world situation into fresh and dramatic focus for business and
general readers alike. Roberts talks to both oil optimists and oil pessimists, delves deep into the economics and politics of oil, considers the promises and pitfalls of altenatives, and shows that, although the world energy system has begun its epoch-defining transition, disruption and violent dislocation are almost assured if we do not take a more proactive stance.

Wind Energy Comes of Age (Wiley Series in Sustainable Design)-by Paul Gipe
America's leading wind energy expert presents a complete reference on the business and technology of generating electricity with wind. Covers the technology, economics and politics that have influenced the development of the wind energy industry in the U.S. and Europe. Describes advances made in improving reliability and performance and provides suggestions on how the industry can treat its imperfections. Includes several new important topics such as aesthetics and public acceptance of windmills.

Sleeping with the Devil : How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude -by ROBERT BAER
Baer documents with chilling clarity how our addiction to cheap oil and Saudi petrodollars caused us to turn a blind eye to the Al Sa’ud’s culture of bribery, its abysmal human rights record, and its financial support of fundamentalist Islamic groups that have been directly linked to international acts of terror, including those against the United States. Drawing on his experience as a field operative who was on the ground in the Middle East for much of his twenty years with the agency, as well as the large network of sources he has cultivated in the region and in the U.S. intelligence community, Baer vividly portrays our decades-old relationship with the increasingly dysfunctional and corrupt Al Sa’ud family, the fierce anti-Western sentiment that is sweeping the kingdom, and the desperate link between the two. In hopes of saving its own neck, the royal family has been shoveling money as fast as it can to mosque schools that preach hatred of America and to militant fundamentalist groups—an end game just waiting to play out.
Baer not only reveals the outrageous excesses of a Saudi royal family completely out of touch with the people of its kingdom, he also takes readers on a highly personal search for the deeper roots of modern terrorism, a journey that returns time again and again to Saudi Arabia: to the Wahhabis, the powerful Islamic sect that rules the Saudi street; to the Taliban and al Qaeda, both of which Saudi Arabia helped to underwrite; and to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most active and effective terrorist groups in existence, which the Al Sa’ud have sheltered and funded. The money and arms that we send to Saudi Arabia are, in effect, being used to cut our own throat, Baer writes, but America might have only itself to blame. So long as we continue to encourage the highly volatile Saudi state to bank our oil under its sand—and so long as we continue to grab at the Al Sa’ud’s money—we are laying the groundwork for a potential global economic catastrophe

Upsizing - The Road to Zero Emissions, Gunter Pauli. So, your business makes paper from wood, and, like everyone, you only use 30% of the tree, wasting the rest.  How about processing the "waste" to, oh, grow mushrooms in, feed cattle with, create fiber, and to grow algae for feeding fish.  Now you have five profit centers, not one, plus more profits, more jobs, and no waste. This isn't theory, it's being done now across the world.

Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion
Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons had claimed that an electrochemical cell with heavy water electrolyte and a palladium cathode gave rise to so much excess energy that the mysterious phenomenon had to be nuclear, and was probably a process related to nuclear fusion. Many scientists quickly took sides for or against cold fusion--mostly against. By the end of the summer the experts claimed cold fusion didn't exist. They said it was an experimental error and could not be reproduced. Actually, the story had barely begun. Provocative research had never ended. Cold fusion was and is very much alive. IN THIS BOOK, Dr. Mizuno describes both the dark and bright sides of the cold fusion story: the frustration, the boredom, the endless guerrilla war with scientists who wanted to stop the research, science journalists who appeared to thrive on the outpouring of supposedly negative results, fruitless battles to publish a paper or be heard at a physics conference, but then also the triumph of dramatic experimental results in the production of huge excess energy and the paradigm busting discovery of the low-energy transmutation of heavy elements found on cold fusion electrodes.

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“Natural Capitalism” by Paul Hawken

The coming Energy revolution by- Randall Mills

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