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Renewable Energy - Transference to a Sustainable Fuel Economy
Renewable Energy Information Resources on the Web

links are provided as a resource. We do not endorse any specific organization, study, product or service. If you have an opinion on any of the organizations presented here, you can post it in our discussion forums.

The Source for Renewable Energy  Links to businesses & non-profits.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory & The Alternative Fuels Data Center - Pursuing a vision of a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, and affordable. Pages on biodiesel, electric, propane, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, propane & solar.

Renewable Energy Policy Project (CREST)- A pioneering force publishing information about renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network 
Has sections on bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, hydrogen, ocean, solar, wind.

DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy - Pursuing a vision of a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, & affordable.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
"Exploring the Frontiers of Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency." They do technical and energy policy assessments, publish books, advise governments and utilities, and provide consumer education on energy efficiency. Their site has many links to other energy efficiency sites.

Alliance to Save Energy
"A coalition of prominent businesses, government, environmental, & consumer leaders who promote the efficient & clean use of energy worldwide to benefit the environment, economy, & national security." Their site includes a description of Alliance programs, publications & press releases plus a consumer education piece & list of Alliance associates.

Knowledge Publications: Great resources on D.I.Y solar panels, the hydrogen economy and more.

Home Energy Magazine
Home Energy Magazine supports the systems approach to building performance. It is a practical guide for architects, builders, remodelers, engineers and building performance professionals on how to improve building performance. The site contains an index to all feature articles, some full articles, a contractor training guide plus an extensive energy link feature.

"Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel made from renewable fats & oils Primarily made from soybean oil.  Reduces practically all regulated emissions & even smells pretty good. Kind of smells like popcorn or french fries  when burned in diesel engines.  Many trucks already use it worldwide. Time for America to catch up.

Biofuels for Sustainable Transportation

National Biodiesel Board

Innovative Technology Centre

Pacific BioFuels - Alternative fuel distribution on the west coast.

Wind Energy

American Wind Energy Assoc.

NativeEnergy is a small Vermont company launched to fight climate change & global warming by helping build more than 150 large, commercial-scale wind turbines .

G.E. windenergy Read my article on GE Wind.

Vestas  Dutch wind energy firm that had all of Sc&inavia leading the world in wind energy production.

Atlantic Orient

Bergey Wind Power

Southwest Windpower


Solar News

AstroPower Large US solar company.

BP Solar BP, formerly British Petroleum, is becoming "Beyond Petroleum". BP has been moving in the direction of renewable & alternative fuels for years & is paving the way for other big oil companies to wake up to the fact that renewables are good news & good business. Keep an eye on BP as they move toward brining hydrogen powered automobile infrastructure to the planet. However, we must stay on top of BP to make sure they are not just greenwashing...

Institute for Solar Living  Non-profit institution & think tank. Affiliated with Real Goods

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
No moving parts & no pollution. Sound too good to be true, well it exists. What we need next is the leadership to transform to a hydrogen economy before we break whats left of the sky & burn ourselves right off the planet. Don't believe the hype from the oil barrons; believe the scientists. Global warming is a reality. Just as real as that huge hole we've ripped in the ozone.

Fuel Cell Energy

Ballard Power  Has Shows how hydrogen fuel cells work.

Plug Power

Energy Conversion Devices

Fuel Cells 2000 

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor  For investors, but with links, news, & general info even if you don't have cash to throw into this growing market.

Allows electricity to flow with less resistance which makes all kinds of things better & more efficient.

American Superconductor

Conductus Cell Phone Relays


Superconductors.Org  Excellent tutorials & links.

A way to store kinetic energy to be converted into electricity as needed.

Beacon Power

Along with hydrogen, Widely used in Iceland. Starting to be usedon the west coast.

Geothermal Resource Clearing House

Geo-Heat Center

Geothermal Resources Council

Clean electricity generation.

Capstone  Microturbines that generates electricity using methane from landfills.  Their turbines are also powering prototype buses in L A.

For info from the edges of new energy technology, including anti-gravity, perpetual motion machines, & the like, check these links:

The New Energy Movement - Clean energy solutions. The New Energy Movement is a broad-based public movement dedicated to the study & promotion of peaceful & sustainable solutions for an imperiled planet.


General Environmental Information


The Children's Environmental Health Network - A national, multi-disciplinary organization, whose mission is to protect the fetus and child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthy environment.

Earth Share - A nationwide network of America's leading non-profit environmental and conservation organizations, works to promote environmental education and charitable giving through workplace giving campaigns. Earth Share is an opportunity for environmentally conscious employees and workplaces to support hundreds of environmental groups at once.

Institute for Global Communications Bringing advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations worldwide working for peace, human rights, environmental sustainability, women's rights, conflict resolution & worker rights. Their flagship global computer networks -- PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet and AntiRacismNet -- became trademark names in the struggle for democratic use of the media & the world's communications infrastructure.


WaterWiser - Provides news, information, research results, discussion forums, references, calendar of events, searchable information databases, and other resources primarily targeted to water conservation professionals, but freely accessible to others in the water industry and the general public.

The Center for a New American Dream - Helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice.

California Integrated Waste Management Board - A great example of State government taking environmental initiative. Their mission is to reduce waste, promote the management of all materials to their highest and best use, and protect public health and safety and the environment, in partnership with all Californians.

Environment Canada's Green Lane - The Green Lane helps connect Canadians, exchange information and share knowledge for environmental decision-making.

Global Warming - Join the fight for the climate! The Center for Public Integrity - Investigative journalism in the public interest.

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