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"By their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7:20"

Let there be smart homes & healthy Gardens!
The GREENESIS Home & Garden Shop



Click Here to check out an assortment of the most popular Eco-Living products we sell through our Gaiam affiliate store.
iconicon Reel Lawn Mower
The Safe, lightweight and easy push, non-polluting Reel Lawn Mower is great for small lawns & hard-to-cut landscaping. The clean, even cut is better for your lawn because it doesn't rip or tear, leaving the grass blade sealed to better retain moisture. Use clippings as a fine mulch to fertilize your lawn, or add the optional Grass Catcher (sold separately) to collect the grass for your compost pile. Cutting width is 16". Includes 10" adjustable wheels, 5 blades and a ball-bearing reel. USA.
iconicon  Solar Powered walk way stepping Stones.
These are the latest thing in making your garden paths & other walkways come to life at night. Simply elegant.
iconicon Recycled Wrought Iron Table & Chairs & other icon Outdoor Furniture

Browse the most popular Natural Lighting from

iconicon  These solar powered icicle lights provide tasteful holiday decor without tapping the grid.

 Flex-Arm BedLounge

Late night work doesn't feel like work in this lounger. The back needs support when sitting, especially when you're sitting up, or lounging in bed, on the floor, or on a couch. Slouching pushes discs towards your spinal column – straining the ligaments, discs & muscles that support head, neck, shoulders, & back. The BedLounge® actively shapes itself, distributing weight & supporting you exactly the way you like . Lets you sit upright, lounge & recline superbly supporting your head, neck, shoulders, arms, low back, upper back & spine. Ergonomically designed by Dr. Robert Swezey, pioneer in the non-surgical treatment of back problems, the BedLounge is ideal for working in an upright position in bed or anywhere.

Oxygenics Shower Heads - Oxygenates & filters water for healthier shower & added savings on water usage. Increases pressure too.  

Totally Supply Your Home with Environmentally Conscious Products.

  iconicon Turn your backyard cookouts into the talk of your 'hood with this nifty solar oven.. Click for more info to see what this thing can do. You'll be amazed.

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Our Gaim partner has an everchanging selection of environmentally conscious products for your home & garden.


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The latest energy efficient home appliances

Use minimum power while improving your creature comforts, & saving money. Cool, light & heat your home more efficiently while adding value to your real estate.

I have this Item drop shipped directly from my whole-saler. Depending on stock, I can sometimes negotiate a better price.
Contact Me For Best Price -

• See a variety of tankless, on demand hot water heaters by clicking HERE.


I have this Item drop shipped directly from my whole-saler. Depending on stock, I can often negotiate on price. - CLICK 4 more Info or Contact Me For Best Price -

See more ultra - efficient home appliances by clicking here..  

 Mission Outdoor Solar Lighting Attractive power saving solar lights light up your walkways to enhance curb appeal or light your garden art. Thanks to revolutionary white LED technology & an internal reflector, Mission Solar Lights disperse light more brightly & evenly than other solar lights available. Lamp fixture removes from hook for use as a table lantern. Made of rust-proof antiqued metal & durable bubble glass. Set of 2 light fixtures includes ground stakes & adjustable hanging hooks. Requires only 3hours of direct sunlight to charge. No wiring! Lights switch on automatically at night.

Real Goods
Engineer your home with renewable power (solar & wind systems, grey water irrigation & other smart home technologies.) Stay hot wired & switched on when the grid goes down. You can also browse browse solar & kinetic energy personal electronics on this site.

Your home needs MUSIC!

Music is environmentally safe! (except for 80's hair metal (all that hairspray depletes the ozone layer)... Aaaah, Krokus..

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