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"The current collapse of industrial society may well be the the planet's way of avoiding a larger death. "

-Morris Berman


Take The 'DIE' out of Diet!
LivEt - The Personal & Planetary Health Conscious Diet & Fitness Shop

    A good diet starts with drinking pure water & the most pure water is distilled.. I use the inexpensive, simple, MegaHome countertop distiller for my drinking water needs. Pure air is the body's first need, pute water the second, pure food the third. Subtract any of these elements & you're soon dead.. Intake impure or substandard forms of them & you're sick.

As far as food is concerned, eating organic is best for the planet & best for you. You can read more about that here.

Browse an ever expanding variety of healthy diet & fitness products that you can order from the comfort of that easy chair you're in right now.

Organic Whole Foods / vitamins Eating organic sheds your body of chemical food-additives, pesticides & other synthetics that often wind up stored in the fat cells that the standard American diet creates. Learn the benefits of going organic by using these products. You are a walking natural eco-system. Stop putting un-natural elements within it & you will function optimally. It's as simple as that. Click here to begin.

  Gaiam's exclusive Elliptical Trainer tones hips, legs & butts with zero impact on your bones & joints. Workouts are to improve your body, not beat it up, & this machine let's you glide into good shape.

iconicon The New AB Lifter accommodates a variety of tummy exercises and arms, shoulders, chest and back – and the inversion feature allows you to stretch and recuperate after your workout. Includes six cords to adjust the intensity, straps for proper hand and neck positioning and video with over 20 exercises. Get that washboard with a six pack going for just $99.!

Browse popular yoga fitness workout items..

iconicon Energy Generating Excercise System - Help your households' health while you shave your electric bill. Get those chunky X-Box - playin' - lunchables - eatin' kids up & crankin' out some energy for that X-Box as you get them in shape. See it as an instant work-reward-excercise system & energy economics training program by having them pedal long enough to generate as much energy as will be required to run those mind-numbing games for as long as they want to play them. Also works on out-of-shape spouses or any couch potato. Click here for more details & to buy 

he best raw food diet The Sun Food Diet - This is the diet that I (your humble creator of the C2 Network) live on & by. My reasons for being vegetarian most of my life, & now a raw food vegetarian, are multi-fold, but mostly I do it because it just plain makes me feel almost superhuman with regard to energy & mental clarity. how do you think I publish this entire web site on my own & work full-time to meet the expenses of life? Bbelieve me, this website is for the love of creation & not money... Well, I hope that it will someday make some $, but right now it's just a nutty social /art / reform venture designed to help save the planet from the humans. The Sun Food diet is also the official diet of The Viridian REVELution. This diet helps you while helping restore balance to the biogeochemical realm. Get more info or Buy


Come back to read my article about why eating organic is best for you & best for the earth. Join our E-mail group to be alerted.


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