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"Give me a place to stand, & a lever long enough,
and I will move the World"

-Archimedes, 230 BC


TRANSPOpourri & The Conscious Car Lot - A shop in the C2 'Mindful Mall'
Conscious Cars - Driving With A Planetary Purpose

There's high demand for Hybrid cars & other fuel efficient vehicles, (See list of the currently available hybrid vehicles @ right). The best way to shop for them is to use a service like CarsDirect & where you set preferences to get info on your choice of vehicles, who has them in your area & who you want to contact or be contacted by to see the vehicle, test drive, or even purchase & have your car delivered directly to you as soon as it is available.

You can browse & pick everything from colors to options on the vehicles of your choice right from home & establish automobile dealership contacts by e-mail or phone. With demand as high as it is on high mileage cars, the best way to get one is to get yourself in line for one via these services. Save yourself the hassle of driving around to see a car that may not be there when you arrive. Type the vehicle you're shopping for into the search boxes at right to get information you need & into the exact vehicle you want. I shopped for & bought my last vehicle this way & it saved me time, trouble, money & I got the exact car I was looking for without driving all over town.

Congress passed a tax credit of $2,000 for hybrids.

The Electric & hydrogen Motorcycles are bad-ass! & shipping now! Click here for best price & More Info!

iconicon Bio diesel Fuel Processor for your home or business. Bio diesel is in wide use in the U.S. Farm Aid Pioneers Willie Nelson & Neil Young have been using it in their touring vehicles for years now.


iconicon  Nauticraft Sprite - A self powered boat built for speed & fun. These sleek boats will cruise at about 5 mph with modest effort

The E-Go Electric metro Scooter


Hybrid Automobiles

• Honda Insight
• Honda Accord Hybrid
• Honda Civic Hybrid

• Toyota Prius
• Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV
• Toyota Sienna hybrid minivan !
(Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive®, is the industry-leading hybrid drive train.)

• Lexus RX400hp hybrid SUV!

• Chevy Malibu Hybrid
• GM Silverado Hybrid pick up truck !
• GM Sierra Hybrid pick up truck !
• Dodge Ram Contractor Special Hybrid pick up truck

• Nissan Altima Hybrid

The following hybrid autos are slated for release, & may now be available Use the search boxes to see if they are in your area:
• Chevrolet Tahoe
• GMC Yukon
• Honda Pilot,
• Saturn VUE
• Mercedes Gr •Mercedes Sport Tourer Diesel-Hybrid Station Wagon.


What is a Fuel Catalyst?
Permanent fuel treatment that improves fuel economy by 12 to 20%, adds more torque & cuts emissions. The catalysts I sell are used by the U.S. military, (defense agencies bought millions of $'s of this product which holds 8 international patents, is EPA accredited& tested by over 20 independent labs ) contact me for the studies. Comes with a 250 thousand mile warranty! Pays for itself within a few months then puts money in your pocket in fuel savings.


• works on nearly every vehicle or engine
• lasts 5 - 15 years
• save $2K to 4K on gas over life of product
• pays for itself in 6 - 12 months

• at least 10% savings guaranteed or money back.

shipping now! Click here for best price & More Info on this exclusively available product that is guaranteed to work!


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