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SynEnergy - The Personal Renewable Energy Technology Shop

Browse the latest in personal solar & kinetic energy gadgets. Be state of the art & inspire Techno-Lust in your friends. Truly smart high tech personal & portable gadgets.


Solar Portable Electronics Charger
Your 'gear-head' son, brother, father or hubby will dig this adaptable, DC solar charger for their small electronics. Their cell phones, PDA's & Mp3 players will never have to be without power again no matter where they are! Comes with 7 different DC plugs that cover more than 90% of cell phones, portable CD, MP3 players, & GPS units. And, the system is expandable... Your boys will have as much fun to using it as they will showing it off to friends. Lights indicate charging activity. Recharge cell phones or other devices with energy stored in the batteries. All that fun & less poisoning of the planet through battery disposal. Click 4 more details & to buy on our Gaiam partner site.

iconiconPowerDock Solar Power Station for Mobile Gadgets - A more powerful version of the solar charger above, The PowerDock can keep portable computers & digital video cameras running & at the ready. So now you can hike up that mountain with one of these & your laptop to create in total solitude. For high tech cyberpunks like me, who like to get away from everything except their computers when inspiration calls.
Get more details & buy on our Gaiam partner site.



Apple I-Pod MP3 Players
Everyone's favorite Personal Technology

iconicon Solar Mosquito Guard Customer favorite! Good reviews! Pocket-sized device emits a high-frequency wave that repels some mosquito species. They really seem to work! On/off switch let's you deactivate unit until mosquitoes arrive. Battery charges in 3hours of sun. Get more details & buy.

iconicon  Nightstar Kinetic Energy Flashlight
A few shakes keeps this LED flashlight powered up without batteries, ever.

iconicon Solar Battery Charger. Keep all other traditionally powered battery devices going. Pays for itself in just a few uses & helps to stop lead, mercury & other extremely poisonous chemicals from non-renewable batteries from being put into our environment.  

Real Goods See more personal renewable energy products on our Real Goods Partner Site

iconicon  Freeplay Solar and/Or hand crank radio

No matter what natural disaster affects your area, you won't be without news if you have one of these solar charged radios with hand crank generator for night operation. New modern design.

Get more info & buy on our Gaiam partner site.


iPod mini

The latest, smallest personal music accessory is the I-Pod & the I-pod Nano from Apple. I use apple products for all my computing needs, including building this site, so I am proud to be able to see Apple's products through it. When you click over to Apple to check out the latest I-pods & nano-pods, be sure to check out the I-pod that let's you watch your music! 

More gear coming soon.

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