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An EnvironMENTAL REVELution!

X-Zone Radio listeners, Message me to be among the first to receive an advance electronic copy of "Unawares", my forthcoming book in the Apocalypse Near series. If you prefer a print copy I will mail you one at print cost + postage. Click here to hear my last interview about the "Unawares" ecology / anti-war project.

Today (8/26/23) I got bit by a snek ;) , Click here to download a free PDF of my latest novel "Unawares. Removed free book links because survived snake bite, U can pay production cost by requesting a copy via E-Mail.

My last book "Apocalypse Near"; won the Green Book Festival award for best Interactive novel. The Green Book Festival honors books that contribute to a greater understanding, respect for & positive action of the worldwide environment. I'll next be attempting to use this momentum to jump start film production again.

The new Conscious Consumers' Community interacts with the book in real time. (The community got overrun by spammers, had to remove the profile application, but if you had an account I should be able to restore your page & posts soon, just need a day to delete spam accounts. Sorry but thousands of Russian & Chinese spammers feel the need to try to sell you Ug boots & fake Rolex watches. :(

"Apocalypse Near" is based on the content of this website, my quest to accomplish it, & my clinical death experience.

[NYC, 05/11/06] I created this website immediately after a clinical death experience in 2004. Everything I was trying to do with this site & the Viridian REVELution site which grew out of that experience has now written itself into a book & trilogy of feature film screenplays entitled "Apocalypse Near" . I urge you to explore my websites as they are all in a way ONE. They all have the intent of averting the possible environmental collapse that I saw while dead & directing us toward the possible symbiotic relationship between humankind & our ecological container I also saw. Both of these are possible futures but which occurs is our CHOICE. You are part of creating that future through choices in the marketplace.

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