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"The only new thing, is the history YOU don't know."

-Harry Truman

Citizen Action Steps for Creating A Sustainable Energy Economy

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How Hydrogen Can Save America

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Has America Peaked?
Editorial On The Petition for a National Sustainable Energy Infrastructure by C2 Creator Eric Haase 


   Did the Romans, Greeks or British see that they were about to be destroyed at the height of their global empires? Probably not. They decayed from within & became easy prey for scavenger invaders.

   Americans should study these declines. Harry Truman said: “The only thing new is the history you don’t know.” Every dominant empire of history was just like ours. Each had the strongest army & each thought they were undefeatable.
   Ignorance is misunderstood as a judgment rather than cogitated by its root word of ignore... We can no longer ignore that we consume over 40% of all energy consumed on the planet, that the planet is going into systems failure & that other nations are super-pissed about this & fervently seek our destruction. So I ask you.. If you knew you might be able to avoid a painful in conflagration though a simple act, wouldn’t you do it? Why do we think our current situation is assured? Are we 3rd century Romans? Eighteenth century Britains? Of course we’re not, because they are history, as soon we may be if we continue to behave as if invincible. We should consider this as we listen to reports of 18-year-old soldiers being delivered back to their parents zip locked in bags...

   This is real hell on earth & it's happening now. I've created entire websites tying to get more people to become educated & then ACT on these things. I see very few acting.

   So I produced a petition on a Hydrogen infrastructure & this accompanying editorial so I could provide something brief anyone can do. Modern life is demanding & I've realized that educating people to change their lifestyle of consumption as outlined on this site, or joining with me in a peaceful REVELution to evolve the global Technosphere in order to reboot the biosphere is beyond the scope of what most are willing to undertake. So my petition is a bite-sized piece of what you can do for self & country.

    OR take the cop-out & call me crazy. I've spent much of my life examining these issues & their relationship to human endeavor & I find it an honor to be called crazy in a civilization that continuously engages in self-defeating behavior during an age of freely available information. We have no excuse if we don't change to avoid the demise we are bringing upon ourselves & we are just plain going to get what we deserve. SO when the time comes to cry to the heavens in asking “Why is this happening?! What did we do to deserve this cruel fate?!” Remember that evil happens just as much for what action has been taken as for what actions have NOT been taken.

 I write this within 60-years since the end of a great conflagration of WWII. The 'Great Generation' which fought thought it might be the end of war because of the scope of that war’s atrocities. Now, while members of that generation still live, we mostly recline while a perhaps greater conflagration stares us in the face.

    I had a girlfriend who didn't understand why I watched documentaries of the war against fascism. She could'nt understand that it was not a fascination with war that drove me, but a desire to understand how men could do such things to each other, what would bring them to the point to do such things & what I could do to try to stop these things from happening again.

   Why do many think we may never stand face to face in mortal combat with an enemy that wants desperately to kill us & who will resort to any method to do so? This willingness to hide from & deny these realities is a basis for them to occur.
   Ask the self... Why was the conflagration of WWII so widespread? Consider the prior generation & the state of the nation during fascism's spread. Ignorance with its root word of 'ignore' is again a central issue, just as it is today. We had come through the extremely prosperous decade of the 1920's. No one thought the party would end. Remind anyone of the 1990's? Great portions of our population didn't think the party could end & then denied that it did when the stock market crashed on black Monday. People jumped out of windows in NYC. Remind anyone of Sept. 11th, 2001?
It's time to choose new behaviors. Do we want to have to fight an ongoing global war that very well could completely consume humanity? This means destruction of you & all the stuff you are letting distract you from taking preventative action... Obliviousness will not save us from the fate of being born. We can run but we cannot hide from the ever-present conscience.

   And so, why not now take up our honor & act. Be a hero. I believe that every good action - adventure hero myth was sent through humankind’s collective consciousness to inspire us to save good from evil. Life is bigger & grander that we can think. Join in it or at least, please get out of the way.
   The end of the oil era is already happening, just not so much as it should in this country. My petition is intended to help avert war & spark prosperity. Do we want the E.U. to continue to defeat us economically? This is a whole other war. The American dollar is in decline. Europeans & Chinese are beginning to buy this country out from under us as fundamentalist Islam takes pot shots. America is not & will not continue to be the superpower of the planet as we have been lead to believe if we continue to allow IGNORE-ance to roost in our mind’s eye.
Ignorance is not a judgment of stupidity. Ignorance is a process.. Ignorance, the process of ignoring… When one ignores to the point that it is self-defeating one becomes justifiably stupid.

   America ignored Hitler’s plague of fascism as he spread it across Europe. That was ignorant. We were then forced into death grips because our ignorance led to the stupidity of warfare. Warfare is stupid because it requires killing. Someone’s father/brother/sister/cousin/uncle/mother/aunt is killed & their counterparts are left alive (because you can’t kill everyone… Remember? Hitler tried that)… So the ones left alive seek vengeance which is why war is perpetual & only breeds more war. War has traditionally been about resources and/or ideology. This petition intends to do something about the resources part & to pull funding from an enemy who ideologically opposes us. We can beat them without ongoing slaughter, simultaneously wining back the respect of the nations, the health of the planet & making $’s in the process.
   Act for country, for planet, for yours & everyone's chlldren... & yeah, act for the reason that seems to be the prime motivator these days... Act for yourself & your wallet. Sign the petition... & maybe take another step and send the articles or April issue of Wired to your congress people &/or the Prez. I do this purely for the hope of a world I’ll be comfortable bringing children into. I will remain childless by choice until then. I refuse to bring innocents into economic &/or environmental slavery. A close examination reveals that they are one & the same (i.e., the resource base is the basis for all wealth, so it’s destruction means economic destruction).

   The month I write this marks the 60th anniversary of the battle of Okinawa. This was possibly the most atrocious example of men hatefully destroying each other in hand-to-hand combat. Do you think the veterans who served us there did not wonder how things came to be at that place as they saw their brothers in arms mutilated before their eyes? What a slap in the face of every veteran it must be for them to witness this culture of materialism. Was such sacrifice made so that we could live in decadence & complain when things don’t go exactly our way as the world around us again plunges toward greater conflict? If we have no respect for our planet, might we have some respect for our battle veterans & try to see that young men don’t have to kill one another just to have a chance at living a decent life? Begin the begin… Sign the petition for starters, then examine yourself & your world through your consumption behaviors. Reboot! This is a call to brains!

In Love,
Eric Joseph Haase
May 4, 2005


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