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"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro."

- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

R.I.P., Hunter. Consider this REVELution my official induction into the guild of the professionally weird.

We 'Merry Thanksters' be wild at heart

What is this? I'm scared..
Get me back to that nice C2 site!







Kids don't deserve to inherit our mess

This is my new niece, Emily.. She doesn't know what air is yet, she just breathes it. She doesn't know what water is, she just drinks the water mommy has to buy because the fresh water supply has been contaminated by a century's worth of industrial pollution. Some of the same corps that polluted it, sell it back to mommy at a profit. Wake up consumers, the air is next, and we are partly responsible..

Despair not, but dare, do...
We the Consumers can turn it around, but we must awaken to awareness to deserve this victory..


This is a call to brains!
Destroy DeathCULTure!

"The Rising Leaflet"
Underground Communiqué of TenetMen, PermaPunks & REVELutionary Sweethearts
REVELution Gateway Page..

Knowhere,FL 04/15/06 I invented a label for myself:
I am a "MetaPoliPhysician": (Meta - political - science - artist). I seek revolutionary environMENTAL change without the violence that usually accompanies revolutions, via a genre I'm creating that I call "REFORMance Art". My 'Viridian REVELution' piece will introduce this genre. Despite some of the spookish imagery, this is a peaceful & comedic experiment in interactive filmmaking, social "happenings", books & music. The imagery & slogans are to awaken & lure compatriots, just as Patrick Henry & 'The Sons of Liberty did in the dawning American Revolution. Without their art, slogans & print press, the American Revolution may have never been. Patrick Henry, Sam Adams & Paul Revere had a print press,Deadman has he Internet & print on demand.

If U want to enter beyond this bardo, I ask that you 1st acquaint yourself with the C2 site, particularly the E=C2 equation, to become familiar with some of 'The REVELution's tenets. Then if you feel like getting involved in the quest you can contact mE.

We've begun the REVELution's; comedic & musical 'happenings', in the Tampa area.

I launched the web site explaining the modalities of this madness in Jan. 2006. E-mail mE (The Commander In Chief.. [Commander of Nothing, Chief of LESS]); if you're interested in joining with us, Or just message me if you wanna' tell me I'm nuts. With what's happening within earth's so called 'civilizations', I consider being called nuts a compliment=->

The "Declaration of INTERdependence of the 11 United Mental States of Viridia" & the web site beyond this page specifically lays the reasons & groundwork of the opening phases of this 'REFORMance Art' REVELution.
You may also join the C
2 E-mail group to be kept informed of the REVElution's misadventures.

Join The Viridian REVELution.
Wage 'PeaceFair' in the fight against DeathCULTure.
The following is excerpted from the
Viridian Declaration of INTERdependence'

Much of recorded history hath shown that humankind is disposed to ignore evils while evils are ignorable, than to right themselves by abolishing the effects of evils they are becoming slackened & bloated by. However, when repeated abuses pursuing the same object, which in our case seems to be that which has been called the 'root of all evil', probably because of its ability to implant greed, covetous, & all manner of warfare amongst humankind, then humankind must cast off the slackening blinders & bloat & make objective assessments. In so doing we may find that humankind has been evinced of what Abraham Lincoln called ”the higher angels of his nature”. 'Proper ganders' may show that the root of all evil has pit humankind against itself & their very sources of biological sustenance, & placed the majority of living creatures under the absolute despotism of a

'DeathCULTure ani-graphic © 2005 DeadmanTalking

  It is our right, indeed it is our duty, to throw off such systems, & to provide new infrastructures for the future security of all biological entities & the integrity of the only known planet upon which any biological entity has a snowball’s chance in Hell of existing.. This statement is literally true, as most known celestial bodies are nuclear furnaces which disintegrate biological entities, just as we have, by choice, engineered our neutron bombs to do.

Such has been, & will worsen to be, the patient sufferance of biological entities; & such is now the necessity which constrains us to alter our present infrastructures. The Viridian REVELution I propose will fight no human, governmental or biological entity, because THEM ARE US.

However,we must do something to expose deathCULTure B-4 we are forced to fight it Old-School style, like this.. Clicking 'Old School' will begin downloading a 7 M.B. streaming video, so if you have a slow connection be patient! (It only takes about 30 seconds via broadband). This is a trailer I directed from a cyberpunk sci-fi screenplay I pitched to the Sci-Fi channel after I graduated film school.

My film's theme centers on a sect of street warriors trying to preserve the last hidden bastion of uncorrupted biosphere from a corporate theocracy bent on destroying all evidence of the natural world in an otherwise, completely synthetic age. It's a sci-fi/quantum - ghost story/ war - epic/ monster movie with environmental & historical signifigance.. The ultimate cult film for a synergetic future.
I wrote & directed the trailer & produced it with my buddy Michael Delgado who made all the sets, props & costumes & showed me how to set things on fire without burning them down. We shot it guerilla style in & around Miami on a shoestring budget from the Sci-Fi Channel. As I create this Viridian REVELution piece I'm thinking that this film's time may come again, so I'm dusting off & updating the screenplay to have it at the ready.

Lexington, Mass., April 19, 1775

Old School fighting vs my New School of PeaceFair...
I have a plan, but others are needed to wage 'PeaceFair in this 'Reformance Art' 'Viridian REVELution.'

Art is our weapon, comedy our sword, integrated spiritual cosmology our head-butt.

Please also interact with the economic arm of the REVELution at ConsciousConsumers.net or view some of my other environMENTAL art on the ImagiMedia web site. Elan vitale!, -E.

..AND, of course, you can't have a REVELution
without a freakin' T-Shirt ... and..

&, All the best REVELutions have PANTIES!

©2005 'Betsy'cRoss


This is your brain on 'reality' TV

Retreat from the voyeurism of a corporately fashioned reality designed to reap your time & dollars, & engage in your own life. Rage against DeathCULTure & the fading of the light!
No vexation without participation!

-'The Sons of Purity'



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My Grandfather was a political science writer. I am a POLITICAL METAPHYSICIAN

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