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Dictionary of Semantic Calculus
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quansciousness: n. - quantum consciousness.

1. the mode of consciousness sought by active revelutionaries to fulfill the "revel" root of the "REVELution" quest. This is the mindset of behaving in thought & action as if all the goals of the "REVELution have been accomplished. Truly living this meditation is the reason for the revelry of participants & shows true understanding of the core concepts that are instrumental to the process of transforming the consumer DeathCULTure.
2. Thought-action projections & "Exampling" for the purpose of accomplishing positive change without war via principles of quantum mechanics . The work of physicists Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, Michio Kaku & some of the work of spiritualist Gregg Braden (particularly the book "The Isaiah Effect") are helpful in understanding how quantum physical laws interact with consciousness to produce results in the material dimension. It is necesary to understand something of quantum mechanics & all of the joy & freedom possible with the goals of this REVELution accomplished to meaningfully participate in this experimental REFORMance Art project & fully appreciate what it means to revel for progress. A quick way to understand some of these principles without a lot of science reading is to see the film "What the Bleep Do We Know!? "

REFORMance Art n. reform + performance art

the general name I created to describe the genre of multi-media art works & events being orchestrated to advance issues described in the Viridian REVELution charter As "Performance art has generally degraded to become acts of vain artists seeking to shock people with the absurd & grotesque, "REFORMance artworks" are events designed to stimulate public cogitation toward enacting positive social reform to save what's left of this planet from unconsciously consuming humans.
see also: Merry Thanksters


REVELution n. revel + revolution + reveal + evolution

1. the body of art work I seek to enact for non-violent social advancement to amalgamate theories of quantum mechanics related to effects human consciousness may have on humanity's collective conscience & the material world. To participate in this REVELution is to integrate the concepts & practices set forth in its Charter & behave & feel as if all the advancement we are working toward has already been accomplished in the realm of possibilities for our future existence. This is the reason for revelry that helps fuel the REFORMance Art happenings. 2. Conscious & socialogical evolution by way of symbiotic integrations of humankind's infrastructures with the biosphere. Reveal is also a root word because although I've always been interested in these issues, this project feels as though it is coming through in revelations.

sourcerer: n. sourcery adj. This has nothing to do with witchcraft or magic.. By sourcery, & it's rooting in the word "source" the defintion is based in science, empiricism & facts that can be sourced by individual investigation. So don't be scared by the homynym, just read & expand.

1. adj. methods of gaining wisdom or doing research by going to the most original, time - tested sources of knowledge, weighing them against the latest, most cutting edge empirically supported data.
n. a person using research methods of sourcery,
See The Seal of The Knight's of The Sphere Cabal for the method. 2. one who accounts for the total value of resources that make up a product & uses that information to determine if the product is "revelutionary" or of the DeathCULTure.

symbiAction adj. symbiotic + interaction

The degree at which a technology symbiotically interacts with natural law in its production process. See the SymbiAction passage in the UMSV Declaration of InterDependence for more

synerduction v. synergy + seduction

the appeal of Eco-tech living. A method used by REVELutionaries in rather than preaching to others because it calmly seduces others into conscious environMENTAL change & conscious consumption behaviors simply because the actual quality of life for the particiCreator is better. Partly works on the human weakness of covetous, with the difference being that the "REV" seeks to harness this human weakness to reverse the bio-accumulation vortex that this weakness begat. Synerduction is part & parcel of the Exampling process.

SYNema: n. synergy + synapse + cinema

whereas 'flicks' & 'movies' denote escapism & entertainment ( I opine that most current movies are often little more than bits in the adverStream.. I use the word cinema to designate the art of the motion picture & My S2 term 'synema' is in this respect, but with the added notion of designating films which I feel specifically stimulate higher levels of thought which form mental abstractions in the unconscious & subconscious. I think that these abstractions are capable of producing synergetic integrations of human consciousness within the total heirarchy of existence. Being a guy with a film production degree, I of course have my own examples of this in some of my screenplays & past films.. especially this one (warning: 7meg. streaming video).. If you have dial up it will take a minute to start. I offer this page of personal picks of examples of 'Synematic' films.


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