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Give mE purity, don't sell me death..

-The Sons of Purity









©2005 E.haase
Beware The Money$erpent.
Avenge 9-11-01 By Waging 'PeaceFair' With Us..
This is a call not to arms..
This is a call to brains!







The BunnyFlower Flag
of our comedic, 'Reformance Art' 'REVELution'

We R the song yet 2 B sung.
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This is your brain on 'reality' TV

Retreat from the voyeurism of a corporately fashioned reality designed to reap your time & dollars. Engage in your own life. Rage against DeathCULTure & the fading of the light!
No vexation without participation!

-'The Sons of Purity '


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"The Rising Leaflet"
Underground Communique for Viridian REVELutionaries & TenetMen
Declaration of INTERdependence of the Eleven United Mental States of Viridia

(Penned by "E" on January 11, 2005)
This groove contains samples & paraphrases upon the pen of Thomas Jefferson & the signatories of the First Continental Congress.

 When, in the course of evolving human perception, it becomes pragmatic for a populous to seek the dissolution of infrastructures which threaten their biological & economic welfare, a decent respect for the welfare of the fellowship of humankind & all biological entities requires that the catalysts for change should declare the causes which impel them to seek the dissolution of these infrastructures & the ‘reality-tunnels’ of those who stoke such infrastructures despite their harmful affectations on the populations they are proposed to serve. Primary among these causes is the rampant adulteration & depletion of the irreplaceable elements prerequisite to all life. However, to declare dissolution without supersede solutions does not serve progress (in other words, don't bitch unless you've got a better idea).. So here's mine.-

    As humankind’s ability to manipulate the physical realm has brought about an era of technologies that have afforded them with instruments by which they can intimately study the natural forces of the universe in which they are interdependently contained, it seems that a concerted effort towards more harmonious interactions with these natural systems is an obvious course of action; Obvious because it is the unique balance & operation of the natural laws of this inimitable planet & the delicate ecosystems the natural forces have formed by way of their intricate interactions which cradle the fellowship of humankind. Additionally, these naturally occurring, interdependent interactions support our singular, unique within the universe (as far as we know), self-reflective consciousness. Respect should tell humankind that these very laws which combine to give them rise & sustain them would also contain the answers by which humankind could liberate their fellowship from current maladies & provide courses by which they may do so.

    It is the proposition of the Catalysts of this, The Viridian REVELution, that intrinsic to the natural forces which operate upon this earth & throughout the known universe, there is the ability of these forces to fully sustain humankind without need of humankind's synthetic interfering & mutually destructive attempts to alter said forces to suit their present ‘reality tunnels’. Inherent in all forces, elements & biological entities that we find in God’s creation is their sometimes simple, sometimes extremely complex & delicate INTERdependence of one upon another.

    Humankind, being part & parcel of these deeply interconnected ecosystems, is the only creature in the known universe that has come to possess self-reflective consciousness. Ironically, it is this very consciousness that threatens the destruction of the natural systems in which it is contained & dependent upon. Therefore, I find it necessary to; .. with sons, daughters, brethren & Beloved 'REVELutionary' sweethearts, declare war on war & concurrently propose a new kind of warfare, which I call PeaceFair... PeaceFair campaigns mostly in mental realms where it will literally seek to discover, explore, map & establish the new Commonwealth of ‘Viridia’. As Viridia is an amalgam of physical & mental constructs, systems & quests that would distract from the focused intent of this declaration, it will be discussed in separate documents including the ‘Considerstitution’ & the “Topography Of The United Mental States Of Viridia”.

    That’s where this 'REVELution' is headed. This is how it will proceed.. I propose, that with the focus of our ‘conscious capital’ (i.e. the self reflective consciousness) on the interdependent, symbiotic character of all natural forces & systems whose end result is biological existence, their can be developed the mental capacities & technologies to harness the unadulterated, naturally occurring output of these forces to fulfill all 'unalterable biological needs' without modification, incineration or injurious transmutation of the essential elements necessary for the fulfillment of our basic biological needs. Indeed, the groundwork for these infrastructures already exists & in many instances are in beta test phase. All that is needed is focused attention (conscious Capital ), guided intention, (leadership[ in replacement of the current 'Greedership']) & ‘serpentCapital’ (i.e. monetary investment). ‘SerpentCapital’ (See my ‘Semantic Calculus’ dictionary & ‘The Bill of Blights’ [the third document of this Viridian REVELution, which is being penned & awaiting the seal ofThe Knights of the Sphere Cabal”]) for full definitions .

    Intended, as the result of this quest is not a Utopia, but a ‘Newtopia’. Utopia is beyond the ability of humankind to embrace in this world by nature of our subjected, sub contrary, sub audition mindset or ‘sub-mind’. Therefore the conceptual possibility of Utopia will be left whence where it has been promised to earnest seekers after the light; in the next world.

     However, with regard to this world, I hold these truths to be self-evident & empirically verifiable, that all men are created of forces which they themselves did not create, nor can they recreate, that they are formed by their Creator with certain 'unalterable needs', that among these are oxygen, H2O & the emission of solar photons upon a stable atmosphere, alkaline ocean & NATURALLY fertile soil. That to secure the purity of these elements of biological existence & harness them in a fair & proficient way, new modes of infrastructure must be instituted among men, deriving their just right to lead from the effectiveness by which they synergize with natural law. In this way, no man or economic system can intern or dissolve an infrastructure, as government & any infrastructures they support will be held in judgment by the symbiotic measure of their interaction ('symbiAction')with the natural laws of the universe. All lobby of our publically funded government must comply with a symbiAction rating system that incorporates an Efficiency Exponent or E2 to even gain access to the lobby floor. The system is not a punishment system but a rewards system which grants symbiActive organizations a higher status because they prove they can operate at a higher standard as judged not by man but by the laws of the universe.

    Governments & infrastructures then become not accountable to other institutions or constitutions of conscious creatures who are, by their inheritance, subject to corruption. Rather, infrastructures are held in account by a system of checks & balances based on their methods of E2, or efficient interaction with physical law & the ability to transmute the energy naturally output by the preexisting universal forces weighed against any harmful byproducts produced by their system of interaction & transmutation. In this way the success or failure of an infrastructure is not subject to the often fragile & corruptible psyches of egocentric humans, but rather success or failure of systems is quantified by the inarguable absolutes of mathematical abstraction, just as a the winner of a sprint is determined by the second hand of a stopwatch or the shutter of a camera eye at the finish line.

    As all intelligently designed systems should, a principle fail-safe must temper this die-cast, abstract, potentially inhuman methodology. I advocate that the tempering element must be the only psychic force our consciousness has ever been able to elicit that has created anything that approaches the mental constructs & physical manifestations of purity, harmlessness, & perfection. That tempering factor must be LOVE.

    This Tempering love extends beyond self & to the consideration of all life with the burden of proof concerning the safety of any infrastructure or its components falling on the proponents of the infrastructure.

    The methodology of infrastructure checks & balances is being outlined in ‘The “ConsiderStitution, the second document of this Viridian REVELution. All charter documents & directives of this rEvolution are initially contained in the restricted “Viridian Victory” area of www.consciousConsumers.net & will later be contained in the official website of V2 & VRTV (Viridian Revolution. T.V.; at – www.viridianrevolution.net . "The Rising Leaflet" is the street newsletter of our cause.

     The REVELution will not only be televised; this rEvELution will be ‘Webified,’ & attack with the sword of comedy & the head-butt of integrated spiritual cosmology. We will use all media - means necessary to pave the expressway to the skulls of the 'sub-minded. Come ride our mystery train.. Come see forever.

    At this time of apparent stagnation within our whimsical multicultural reality tunnel, all governments seem doomed to a failure that is not entirely of their own making. As all forms of present infrastructure are in some aspect destructive to the irreplaceable elements of existence, it is not the right of the people to abolish them & institute new infrastructures unless they can lay a new foundation of principles & organization that can demonstrate an ability to effectively provide for humankind’s innate needs better than current systems do, without adversely affecting the natural resource base or human safety & happiness. Prudence dictates that it would be better for us to coexist peacefully under our current democratic system.. I am, & always hope to be an American first & Viridian by rebirth.. I seek to build upon the noble history of my free country & to do whatever it is that I can to return it to its utmost glory and/or idyllic destiny. This REVELution intends to harness democratic power by letting better infrastructures & technologies draw people to them by the gravity of their functional beauty through 'Synerduction' (see semantic Calculus Dictionary).

As Americans, we have enjoyed the blessings of our forefathers, who under divine inspiration, foresaw that a system of government corner-stoned by the exaltation of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, would provide a land in which freedom would birth situations in which exhorted individual thought could perpetually formulate solutions to problems of the day. This be the first ‘mental state of Viridia’, in which the ability of every individual to use their God-given mental capacities to combine self reflective thought toward problem solving.is edified & cultivated (This is a Mental agrarian state sowing & harvesting cogitation).

     Much of recorded history hath shown that humankind is disposed to ignore evils while evils are ignorable, than to right themselves by abolishing the ignorable effects of evils they are becoming slackened & bloated by.
However, when repeated abuses pursuing the same object, which in our case seems to be that which has been called the 'root of all evil', probably because of its ability to implant greed, covetous, & all manner of warfare amongst humankind, then humankind must cast off the blinders & bloat of slackening forces & make objective assessments. In so doing we may find that humankind has been evinced of what Abraham Lincoln called ”the higher angels of man’s nature”. Proper ganders may show that the root of all evil has pit humankind against itself & their very sources of biological sustenance, & placed the majority of living creatures under the absolute despotism of a



'DeathCULTure Reality T.V. ani-graphic collage © 2005 by Eric Haase

    It is our right, indeed it is our duty, to throw off such systems, & to provide new systems for the future security of all biological entities & the integrity of the only known planet upon which any biological entity has a snowball’s chance in Hell of existing.. This statement is literally true, as most known celestial bodies are nuclear furnaces which disintegrate biological entities, just as we have, by choice, engineered our neutron bombs to do.

--Such has been, & will worsen to be, the patient sufferance of biological entities; & such is now the necessity which constrains us to alter our present infrastructures. This Viridian REVELution will fight no human, governmental or biological entity, because THEM ARE US, but we must do something to fight DeathCULTure now B4 we have to fight it Old-School style, like this.. Clicking on 'Old School will begin downloading a 7 megabyte video, so if you have a slow connection be patient! (It only takes about 30 seconds on broadband connections). This is a clip of a futuristic dystopian pilot I made for the Sci-Fi channel after graduating film school. The theme of the film centered on a sect of street warriors fighting to preserve the last hidden bastion of uncorrupted biosphere from a corporate theocracy bent on destroying all evidence of the natural world in an otherwise, completely synthetic age.

Old School fighting vs this New School of Viridian PeaceFair...
I have a strategy, but others are needed to wage 'PeaceFair in this 'REFORMance Art' 'Viridian REVELution.'

The history of the present Industrial age is a history of repeated injuries & corruptions, most having as direct object the reaping of financial reward over a more vigilant & continuous search for more efficient & synergetic ways of interacting with natural law/ natural resources in meeting the unalterable needs of humankind firstly & the desires of humankind when sagacious. To establish this, let facts be submitted to a conscious consumer culture, & pray they be not so distracted within their wanton reality tunnels so that they may assent to save themselves, their children & all children from the bioaccumulation vortex that has been self set in motion by reluctant & wanton participants within the 'DeathCULTure' reality tunnel. To differing degrees, this includes all humankind. For this reason, the first statement of this Viridian REVELution is the declaration of war on war. We shall not, indeed we cannot prevail by fighting our brethren or ourselves. We can only change, one by one, letting change & peace, begin, & letting it begin & reign continuously by allowing it sovereign within each of ourselves, & then ‘each one teach one’ in love & compassion, which are central tenets governing Viridian daily behaviors within the fellowship of humankind.

     To establish this class of daily behaviors for interacting within both the fellowship of 'Viridians' and those caught in the 'DeathCULTure' vortex, The Tenet Men, (ambassador - soldiers of the Viridian expeditionary service) will spread wordeed(see forthcoming ‘semantic calculus’ dictionary of 'Virspeak' for this & other definitions of created words in this document). The ‘Tenet men’, under order of "The Knights of the Sphere Cabal’ roam the terra, donned in their ‘Everywear’ (attire of Viridian revolutionaries) (soon available @ www.everywear.us & www.wear4artthou.com) spreading the central tenets of the REVELution through ‘wordeed’ &examplingIn both spontaneous & orchestrated happenings, they brandish the sword of comedy under the BunnyFlower’ flag, to the sound of fife & drum & Grok-n-Roll’ blaring ghetto blasters. The TenetMen’ roll as advance guard of theMerry Thanksters” & ‘Drumadelic (official Grok-n-Roll’ band of the Viridian rEvolution [drumadelic.com will be back soon]), This 'Media Corps' spreads the bliss of the REVELution accomplished (which is that in which we revel). Pajamas are also a suitable 'multiform' of our humble ‘imagiNATION of Re-Creation’, as they reflect the sleeping nature of the DeathCULTure back unto itself.

The 'BunnyFlower Flag of 'The Merry Thanksters' & 'The Sons Of Purity'

   Such are the opening stages of ‘PeaceFair’ & the quest to ransom the elements of life’s unalterable needs back from our brethren who have either been unable of committing ‘egocideor are helplessly entangled in the ‘MoneySerpent grasp & thereby subject to greed, covetous & all manner of self-aggrandizing & left constricted of compassion beyond their immediate circles. Be not wrathful against said brethren, for has there ever been a one among us who has not been swayed by the ‘MoneySerpent' charms & not been guilty of rampant, vain consumerism at some point in their earthly walk? So it is for none to judge, for there can be no enemy in PeaceFair but ignorance of the fragile psyche ('submind') to which we are all subject. The only war is on war, & that through waging PeaceFair.

    Always cogitate that this REVELution was declared in war on war & not people, places, governments or money. Despite the MoneySerpent’s potential corruptions, money is a useful & efficient method for the fulfillment of the unalterable needs. Money is not evil; it is what money can do to the ‘subMind’ that unleashes certain evils. We seek to spread money & prosperity via a synergetic techno-culture that lovingly gravitates the DeathCULTure’s captives to a new place of true prosperity with liberty & justice for all, and not just all who can afford it.

As our forefathers cited with respect to King George, I cite offenses that have been the result of those trapped in the DeathCULTure reality tunnel.

π 'GreedLeaders' have refused assent to laws, the most wholesome & necessary for the public good.
π Greed has forbidden our governors to pass laws of immediate & pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation until corporate assent could be obtained; & when so suspended, greed has utterly neglected to let the better angels of man’s nature attend to them.
π Greed refuses to let other laws pass for the accommodation of large districts of people, & relinquishes them of the right of representation in the legislature, thus building a formidable to tyranny into a once healthy democracy.
The MoneySerpent has called together unusual legislative bodies of those concerned with public service & those concerned with business & self service in an uncomfortable assembly distant from the public will, fatigued in political gridlock & suffocated in the paperwork vomited by the wiley bureaucratic creature greed has created as the greedy attempt to comply their crimes with the measure of law they swore to uphold, all with hands on the Bible & swearing their oath to public good.
π Greed continues to dissolve representative houses repeatedly by charming the public via the MoneySerpent & the DeathCULTure of its creation.
π Greed has refused, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the legislative powers, incapable of annihilation, have returned to the people at large for their exercise; the state remaining in the meantime exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without (As was sorrowfully witnessed when our beloved brothers & sisters were burned, crushed & smashed into eternity on 09/11/01.Greed is breeding further convulsions from within, threatening to create a nation divided against itself which cannot stand.
π Greed has endeavored to prevent the protection of our lands by allowing the G.N.P rather than reason to prevail. Appropriations of lands are given over easily to corporate MoneySerpent broods & only with hard fight, or not at all, to groups seeking to preserve them in the condition deemed rightful by nature’s God.
π Greed has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers from outside of a political system closed by the MoneySerpent. (i.e. No money, no chance of election to public office.).
Greed has made most public servants dependent on the MoneySerpent’s will alone for the tenure of their offices, & the amount & payment of their salaries when they depart. The revolving door between public office & corporate boardroom corrupts the judgment of what were once the people’s representatives. Public officers are now made beholden to the moneySerpent that placed them in office, & the self same moneySerpent which charms them through the halls & assembly rooms of our once sacred District Of Columbia. Defiled, & made into a den of thieves are the very rooms where our forefathers pledged unto both citizenry, soil & Creator, the American concepts we hold dear & for which so many gave the full measure of their devotion. However, be not veangeful or filled with hatred, beloved rEVELutionaries, for vengeance will come as they are crushed under the weight of their shame & incinerated by the light of the revelation of their own doing.
π Greed has invented a multitude of new officers, & sent hither those swarms to harass our people, protect the MoneySerpent’s interests & rape the earth of the substance on which all people inter-depend.
π Greed has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies of debtors without the consent of our present or future citizenry (our unborn, thus taxing them without representation).
π Greed has affected to render the military sitting targets on distant, foreign soil.
π GreedLeaders have combined with private businesses to subject all to an infrastructure foreign to our constitution, & unacknowledged by our laws; giving assent to acts of pretended legislation which defend greed’s cause in an incomprehensible mélange of legalese.
π Greed protects its own by mock trial & marketing campaigns of newspeak & sound bites disseminated to a weary public via DeathCULTure controll of the public airwaves, thusly releasing the greed leaders from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states either by the indirect, slow & painful deaths inflicted via adulterated biological consumables, or the direct murder via wars over control of consumables.

Greed seeks to expand this type of deathCULTure in all parts of the world.
π GreedLeaders’ cause us to be over-taxed without our consent or representation:
π Greed deprives us in many cases, of the benefits of fair trial by an impartial jury of our peers. Freedom & justice is becoming more & more for those who can afford it, rather than for all. Who are our peers when the chasm between classes grows larger & more divisive?
π Greed tries us for pretended offenses under the banner of self-serving ‘patriotism’.
π Greed is abolishing the system of American law designed by our forefathers & establishing herein an arbitrary government, & enlarging its influence via DeathCULTure so as to render it at once an example & fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule within the hearts & minds of all humankind.
π Greed has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burned our hearts, & destroyed the lives of many biological entities.

Greed is at this time transporting large armies of the unaware to complete the works of death, desolation & tyranny, already begun with circumstances of cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages.
π Greed has constrained our fellow citizens taken captive by the charms of the moneySerpent & brainwashed by the DeathCULTure to bear arms against their birthright, to become the executioners of their friends & brethren, or to fall themselves by their own hands.
π Greed has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, & has endeavored to claim resource rights on our final frontiers & corner all markets lest they be divested to the public good or anything other than the direct service of the GreedLeaders.
π At every stage of these oppressions, there have been lone voices in the wilderness as well as organized throngs of people crying out & petitioning for redress in the most humble terms. Repeated petitions have been answered mostly by repeated injury. This trait & the deathCULTure it spawns, whose characteristics are thus marked by every facet which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people & must be abolished from among them.

   Our ‘ForeKindred’ of the environmental movement have sought the attention of our wayward brethren, however attempts to legislate sufficient change have been costly, & though much heroic advancement has been made, many of the complaints have fallen on the ears of a consumer DeathCULTure charmed by the moneySerpent & thusly turned inward & toward the frenzied acquisition of worldly possessions in damnation of whatever is victim to the fulfillment of their titillated desire. We have been repeatedly warned & reminded of the precarious circumstances caused of our continued immolation of resources for the often-nefarious desires of an expanding, self-concerned deathCULTure. Scientists have appealed to our native justice & magnanimity, & have conjured them by the ties of our kindred to disavow these usurpations upon the biosphere, which could inevitably interrupt the fulfillment of our unalterable needs. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our separation, & hold ourselves, as we hold the rest of humankind, enemies of Nature’s God & take up our quest to win all over to our own future survival. Love dictates that ‘them are we’, & as long as we’re stuck on this third stone from the sun, we’re all in this together.


   We, therefore, as representatives of the manifesting United Mental States of Viridia, in psychic Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the universe for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, & by the authority of the life affirming people of this planet, solemnly publish & declare, that these United Mental States are, & of right ought to be free & interdependent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to DeathCULTure, & that all supporting connection between them & the state of unconscious consumption is & ought to be totally dissolved; & that as free & interdependent biological entities, we have full power to levy PeaceFair, conclude harmonious interdependence, contract alliances, establish commerce, & to do all other acts which fully conscious biological entities may of God-given right do. For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our destiny & our sacred honor.

   Rather than the signatories that would traditionally conclude a document of this sort, I here place what I deem ‘Quote-atories’. These are the words of humankind on whose shoulders I have stood & whom I salute for what they have done in the advancement of our fragile species on this lone spaceship earth.

Faithfully spublished in Love,
Eric Joseph Haase
April 19, A.D.2005

-Quote-atories of the Eleven Mental States of Viridia

“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.”
-Abraham Lincoln

"True hunting's over, no herds to follow; without game, men prey on each other
the family weakens, by the bites we swallow
True leaders gone, of land & people; we choose no kin, but adopted strangers
the family weakens, by the lengths we travel.."

-Perry Farrell

"Our virtues & our failings are inseparable, like force & matter. When they separate, man is no more."
-Nikola Tesla

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards."
Lewis Carroll

"Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, & gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed."
Joseph Addison

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity.
L. Frank Baum

All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.
Orison Swett Marden

"They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom."

"The ability to create a synthesis of diverse points of view, scientific & social & philosophical, is a rare gift."
Robert Anton Wilson

"Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time."
Theodore Roosevelt


This is my new niece, Emily Rose.. She doesn't know what air is yet, she just breathes it. She doesn't know what water is, she just drinks the water mommy has to buy because the fresh water supply has been contaminated by a century's worth of industrial pollution. Some of the same corps that polluted it, sell it back to mommy at a profit. Wake up consumers, the air is next, and we are partly responsible..

Despair not, but dare, do...
We the Consumers can turn it around, but we must awaken to awareness to deserve this victory..

This is a call to brains!
Destroy DeathCULTure!


Click to learn what Viridia is and
how far out this REVELution is going by going how far in..

Topography Of
The United Mental States Of Viridia




   As It has been written, ‘Among humans, who knows what a person is except the person that is that person within. Similarly no one knows from whence a person came nor to where he is going in present reality nor where they go when their persona ceases to animate their biological vehicle. However, while contained in this needy biological entity, the unique & mysterious consciousness has proven itself capable of approaching an understanding of the laws of creation & thereby constructing methods of interaction with them to fulfill the needs of their biological entity. Indeed, many of these constructions are in the fulfillment of desires & not needs, & as well, many of these constructions are destructive to the created forces which empower both the human constructions & the humans themselves. The continued ease of life that these constructions have wrought have delivered populations far away from interactions with the natural forces & resources that have provided them with the ease & conveniences to let desires overtake consciousness in a way that threatens the ability of natural forces & resources to perpetually fulfill the unalterable needs of the growing throngs of humanity & all other biological entities.

    Whereas consciousness has brought humanity to this present, it would also seem that it should be innately capable of delivering humanity back into a balanced & harmonious existence with the forces which contain & sustain them. The wisdom to symbiotically interact with the forces of creation may lie in the new world we have begun to colonize & in which we now find it necessary to throw off the taxing & restricting ties of a system that poisons & constricts us with a deathCULTure that, as it taxes us for its operation, does not represent our pioneering spirit & our desire to more effectively provide for human needs without the grievous & immoral affect of harming that which has been given us by a creation that we cannot re-create or replace. As such, humankind is presently biting the hand that feeds & punching our gift horse in the mouth. Could we be more inhospitable guests upon the only known terra firma capable of supporting biological life in an otherwise frozen, lifeless, & molten universe?

   And so repeating, I declare war on war & propose a consciousness REFORMance Art REVELution in exploration & habitation (or perhaps re-habitation) of the 90% dormant landmass of the brain I’ve dubbed Viridia. It is my intuition that from this sacred sanctuary we can formulate the ways to fulfill the innate needs of the biological entities of our unique planet, by discovering how to properly interact with the forces of creation that gave us rise. In this way we might also lay waste to the very reasons for the bloody revolutions that have plagued the history of our species & caused clouds of despair to often take up space within the consciousness our forefathers intuited was rightfully meant for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

   I do not propose or advocate the discourse of this document as a plan for any kind of Utopia, nor claim myself, or want to be in any way a sovereign of any people or place real or imagined. In fact I declare myself Commander In Chief… Commander of nothing, Chief of less. I will take sovereignty over my own body & mind however, & it is the natural predisposition of these to seek a better design for their existence & peaceful cohabitation with my similarly situated neighbors (i.e. all humankind).

  Awake from your reality TV slumber & cogitate this, wayward children of Babylon... Be you theist, atheist, or a ‘new-age, horoscope-reading believer of whatever suits your present convenience, a thrifty clown’, or ‘a just-taking-up space-breathing-being / non-being human being-forgetting’.. Cogitate that This planet is set to shake us off like a bunch of fleas by the force of our own doing.

   We marvel at earthquakes & tsunamis as we explode ‘bunkerbusters’; doing & watching it all semi-comfortably by remote control... Meanwhile, back at the desert ranch; others who live in fear of us plan their attack; an attack which we fuel/fund by buying their fuel which in its burning will destroy us either way... Either by funding campaigns of terror against ouselves or by destroying the biosphere. In cultivating fear rather than ingenuity (ingenuity being investment in symbiotic sustainable technologies; and thusly pulling the plug on our enemy's ability to fund their terror war)... In the fear culture we fund the explosion of subterranean nuclear devices amongst current & future enemies & we don't stop to consider that the Tsunami of 01/05 could in any way be connected to our own rocking of the planet. Who knows the permutations of all the errors of our ways? Not I. Seek after the light before darkness envelops your freedoms.

AWAKE! Have you perhaps forgotten who & what you are? Shake false dreams & rise into the glory that is your birthright. Escape the cognitive eaubliette you have enclosed yourself within & Deserve victory!
In Love ,


(Feb. 22, A.D.2005

   What is Viridian? We are beyond Green. We are ultra blue-Green. Greens are often associated with a hippie culture. Our Viridian movement is techno-culture, Cyberpunk, straight-edge & proactive.We abhor drugs, war, decadence, gluttony, greed, lies, liars & lieing around while what was once a perfectly good planet is leeched dry of its life-force by a cancer that calls itself man.. Men.. Many have no right calling themselves such.. They tarnish the legacy of this name.. Many men are but 'King Babies' who won't pull thumbs from mouths long enough to do anything about the state of affairs they blindly participate in. As Viridians we only believe we should stay constant in in trying to do better & we want to exhort all to do the same. We'll sleep when we're dead & we don't plan on dying.















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