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An EnvironMENTAL REVELution!

I use journalism & other media in an effort to create what I call environMENTALism™ I've also added what I call a 'Symbiotic Shoppingtm' area to try to raise funds to help meet the costs of presenting this website (nobody pays me to do this).

  The idea is to get consumers. (meaning YOU!; unless you don't eat, drink, breathe, or buy anything, ever), to simultaneously upgrade self & planet by supporting progressive businesses that use environmentally conscious practices in the production of advanced goods & services. Learn about these issues by clicking the topic links on the top of each page, or by considering my E=C2 equation, devised to encapsulate my philosophy for peaceful macro economic & cultural progression.. OR jump to the News Features page to see a quick list of my articles on these issues.
    I'm just one idealistic guy (read about me), who thinks he can do something to help save what's left of the planet from the unconsciously consuming humans ;-> , so help support this work by
Symbio - Shopping tm for technoculturally advanced products in my MindfulMall tm where you can find cutting-edge products to show to off to our fellow humankind to hopefully lure them into conscious consumerism. I've deduced that the largest impact an individual can make is by transforming their homes & businesses to renewable energy systems. I'm therefore working less as a journalist / educator & more toward becoming an Energy Consultant involved in the direct sale of such systems.. Besides I have to do something to support all the work I do on this site or it's over.

When you get done exploring the site you may want to play around on the Viridian REVELution site I created to interact with my book. You get a free Interactive E-Book that live links to the Viridian REVELution site when you buy the print version.

Sign up for the E•mail group to receive my free E-Zine... Or, If you really want to help, donate directly to this cause of moving toward a symbiotic relationship with our biosphere.

    This is not your typical, environmentalism. So click whatever interests you or check the businesses listed in the right column. These go to other sites, so please bookmark me & come back. Learn, interact, live well & prosper via truly higher technologies. Drop me a line to let me know what you think, or let everyone know what you think in the community section. Stop waiting for government & industry to clean things up... YOU ARE, as I AM, partly responsible for the messy state of this lone planet by what WE CHOOSE to consume. We're all in this 2gether.. In Love, E.

    Still confused? Read Jacob's quote to the left & contemplate how this site intends to, through various methods, integrate humankind's consumption behaviors into both the biosphere & technosphere. I hope you'll then interact with this site to accomplish this lofty goal. (See more mission statement ramblings below).
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Donate To The E. Haase Medical/Filmmaking Foundation (Tax deductible)

When the medical debt from my brain surgery is paid any additional funds will go toward making my book "Apocalypse Near" into a feature film so that we can stop the planet from dyeing of consumption.

The Environmentally Conscious Consumers Network is dedicated to helping consumers find news & info' for use in making globally conscientious choices in the marketplace. The intent is to help create an affluent, sustainable techno-culture based in renewable energy & natural capitalism. "The aim is to give consumers the information they need to make those decisions as well as a shopping area to begin supporting natural capitalist businesses immediately.

      Envision an economy that gratifies humanity's desires better than current systems do without destroying humanity's life support systems in the process. This is possible with the collective consumer consciousness focused on this outcome.

As you shop here or anywhere, envision a balanced, renewable resource market economy where business supplies the products society needs at a fair price while not destroying the natural resource base. Then support only businesses similarly focused.

    It's time consumers realize their strength. 'We, The Consumers', are powerful masses shaping our world each time we make a purchase. We can conscientiously vote for change with our dollars everyday. I hope this site will empower consumers with several ways to co-create positive change.

    In our capitalistic marketplace, manufacturers have always sought to quickly respond to the will of the masses (demand) with a product (supply) that beats out the competition's. This can be the key to peaceful mass change.

My grandiose vision for this site is that it will somehow touch off a chain reaction experiment in economic democracy where the consumer is constantly engaged in corporate futurism & driving product development to meet their needs. The goal is to help form & thereby "own" the next industrial revolution, keeping in mind that 'We, The Consumers' bare partial responsibility for its consequences; because as long as we're stuck on this 3rd stone from the sun, We're truly all in this together..

   Sound crazy? Well, maybe so, but I can't think of anything better to do with my time right now, so I'll aim high, shoot & hope others will join in my idyllic vision. Click here to read about mE & why I've taken on this idyllic quest.

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I believe an informed consumer culture will help a growing trend of "natural capitalism" take root in more companies by creating a demand for cleaner, more efficient products & services. This can help bring an urgently needed, energy efficient, new industrial revolution to fruition.

    This site is part of a portal of others I'm developing to foster a culture of consumers who use their dollars to vote for a healthier, wealthier future for themselves & their children. Towards that end, I hope you will become involved with this virtual community & my social engineering/planetary transformation mission by contributing your insights, ideas for stories, & your wisdom. This site is set up to be yours, So become part of it.. That's why the apostrophe is after the "S" in Conscious Consumers' Network. It's plural possessive, so make it yours.

You may be asking, what the heck can I do?

    Meet others & express your opinion in our community area. Or start directly getting behind the mission, & support natural capitalist & socially responsible businesses by doing some browsing/shopping in the "Mindful Mall." Click the "News & Issues links at the top of the page to educate yourself on the many things you can do to make your personal world better while making the whole world better. C2 = C-squared. By this I am trying to state my belief that there can be exponential benefits from small actions on a mass basis. Check the equation I formulated to encapsulate this idea.

    You may also contribute to the letters & opinion area. Report any errors & omissions you find in my articles. Also, please share this site with family, friends, & as many other people as you can. Above all we hope you will learn, live long & prosper.

  This site is growing. Please sign up for the e-mail group to get updates. Or just aimlessly click around to see how "We The Consumers" can participate in co-creating positive change for ourselves & our neighbors.. And if you think you can help me with anything, please contact me. I'm just one guy with a big, idyllic vision & I need all the help I can get to keep me going with the crazy idea that someone might still care about reality instead of just reality T. V.

You can comment on this article in the new blog section.

Peace be unto you... E. - Creator of whatever this is.

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