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E-CO (renewable Energy technology COnsulting) for homes & businesses

 Tampa,FL 02/05/05
     I created this web site to provide consumers with news & access to technologies for their homes & businesses to achieve energy independence & environmental symbiosis. The macro goal is a brighter economic & political future for our country.

     Besides being the creator & publisher of The Conscious Consumers' Network I am also a professional "E-CO" (Energy Consultant) specializing in providing individuals & businesses with data to realize the benefits available through renewable energy technologies. My relationships with wholesalers, a network of trained installers & other professionals in the burgeoning renewable energy industry equips me with the ability to supply people with the right technologies for their particular situation.

    My business (The Conscious Consumers' Network & "The Mindful Mall") has partnered with leaders in this new industry to help the U.S. reach energy independence via grass roots, direct to consumer relationships for education on these technologies in order to expedite their use on a mass basis so that we may reach the national goal of energy security.

Renewable energy technologies must work for individual consumers to work for our country, so we have to work together to insure consumers are matched with systems that work in their individual set of circumstances.

Contact Me For more info on how we can save you money on energy,
reduce dependence on foreign oil,
& mitigate pollution.

      Put my experience in the field of consumer based renewable energy products to work for you. Browse Conscious Consumers', to view my commitment to & knowledge of these issues.

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My expertise can introduce you to technologies that create a better lifestyle for you while SAVING you money. For example, a recent tax bill in FL helps put our $150K turnkey hydrogen system to work for a business for about $37K, So don't look at prices & get discouraged.. All the solar, hydrogen, wind & hybrid turnkey systems are scalable & available in smaller component packages to fit any budget & get you moving toward energy independence. If you are interested in technologies offered on this site, ask me about how we might get these products leveraged by government tax breaks & grants to put them to work in your home or business.

• A 10-minute Phone Interview can get you started.

The Proprietary energy savings software I use lets me show you return on
investment, estimated energy savings over 5 years,
environmental impact, & recommended products
in a detailed report that can be mailed or e-mailed to you.

• Avg household savings with standard package of products ($ 1K investment) = $2,000 per year.
• Avg payback on products = 9-12 months

• Avg return on investment in Year 1 = 120% You get cool cutting edge stuff & save money back on it.


An in depth Home Energy Review consultation can show:
• Savings of $15 - $200 / month or more! ($2,000 per year +)
• Reduction of Pollution & Greenhouse Gases
• Approximate increase in Home Equity value
• Recommended technologies (for home & vehicles)
• Financing Options for Wind, Solar, or Hydrogen systems
• State & Federal Rebates, Tax Credits & Incentives (if any)
• Installing a renewable energy system and/or energy saving
retrofits is likely to build home equity and improve resale
value by $18,000 or more.

This consultation requires a home visit to review energy consumption, identify potential savings & provide a more detailed report. I also provide a brief 10 minute phone consultation report that can show you many of these figures & recommendations on how to reduce your energy bills.

 Reduced energy use = less pollution.
 Improve your health by cleaning air & water.
 Positive changes in lifestyle & comfort – you
don’t have to sacrifice to help the environment. In most cases your life is improved.
 Modern products that add to the beauty of your
home & increase value
 Even simple energy-efficient home improvements
can boost home value by $18,000*!

Rick Nevin, vice president of ICF Consulting, a Fairfax, VA-based international consulting firm produced 2 scientific studies that show how energy-efficient home improvements can boost value by $18,000 or more. And, for every $1 saved on your annual fuel bill your home’s value jumps by $20 or more.

Contact Me with questions or to get started or
browse products using links in the left column.

Many of the technologies I employ are Energy Star rated. ENERGY STAR is a government program
( dedicated to helping people
protect the environment through superior energy
efficiency. ENERGY STAR qualified products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by US (EPA) & Department of Energy (DOE)
• Look for the ENERGY STAR logo to identify these products.
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