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Hygriders' Home Supply.. The Renewable Energy Smart Home Shop

renewable energy solar powered  hygrid bungalowGoing "Hygrid" means you own your own renewable energy power producing system & are both on & off your local electric grid based on your needs. You are therefore likely to never be without power even if the main grid fails in times of blackout or natural disaster. By becoming a 'Hygridder' you are, in a sense, your own electric company. You remain tied to your local electric grid & can even sell the excess power you generate from your renewable energy system to your electric company in many states. Either way you save money by drawing less power, produce less pollution & move yourself & the U.S. toward energy independence all at the same time!

There are many ways to introduce renewable energy systems into your home or business. You no longer have to be a technical wiz to do this. You can put me & my suppliers' wisdom to work for you. The quickest/easiest way to go renewable is with one of the turnkey systems which have everything you need including installation, instruction, & my customer service to assist you in choosing the right technologies for your situation. Browse the renewable energy systems in the next column then contact me to find out what's best for you.

Solar PV Systems

Hydrogen Systems

Wind Systems

Solar / Wind Hybrids

Ultra Efficient Appliances
(smart gear 4 your smart house)

Ask me about Emergency Systems & disaster relief trailers.


Renewable energy systems are a quick way to add value to your house, save money in energy costs, keep power on in emergency situations & sell your excess power back to your utility company (in states with net metering). There are also tax breaks available on these technologies. I can provide all the information you need to make a decision that's right for you & my wholesaler can provide you with financing options.

So click Here For More Info & BEST PRICEs

Create a truly smart home. When your home still has electricity, hot water & a cold fridge while the rest of the neighborhood is under blackout conditions, well then who's smart?

Contact me to stay up to date on the latest solar, wind, hydrogen, bio-diesel, bio-fuel & entire turnkey renewable energy systems to make your home or business a self sustainable techno - palace.

You may also click the banner below to browse component renewable power (solar & wind systems, & other smart home technologies) on our REAL GOODS partner site. Stay hot wired & switched on when the grid goes down.

Real Goods

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