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Hygriders' Home Supply.. Wind Turbine Power For Your Home Or Business Is Here Now!

Depending on your area, wind power could be the most efficient & reliable means of clean energy production. Wind turbine technology has dramatically advanced in recent years; partly because of G.E.'s investments in this technology. The answer to cost efficient electric power production for your home & small business electric needs may be blowin' in the wind.

My supplier of these turnkey wind systems offers financing options.
(see chart below).

Windtricity Solutions

airtricity wind turbine power systems for your home or business

financing for renewable energy wind turbine systemsThese wind turbine electricity ("airtricity") systems are the latest consumer products of their kind available. I can have this system shipped directly to you from my wholesaler. The turnkey systems come with everything you need & the price includes expert installation. This is the quickest way to add value to your house, save money in energy costs, keep power on in emergency situations & sell your excess power back to your utility company in states with net metering. My wholesaler can also provide you with financing options & we provide all the information you need to make a decision that's right for you.

Why wind power?
 Save 50-100% on electric costs!
 Price includes installation by a licensed qualified installer.
 Superior support from seasoned pros:
LEED-accredited architect; custom design; certified SWW experts on staff
 Reduce pollution/greenhouse gas!
 SW Wind Power has 18+ years in the business, over 20,000 turbines sold worldwide, and is the world leader in home wind.
 Off-grid price includes batteries.
 Marine coating option for coastal areas, add the specified cost: 1- $1100 2- $500 3- $275

Contact me to stay up to date on the latest solar, wind, hydrogen, bio-diesel, bio-fuel & entire turnkey renewable energy systems to make your home or business a self sustainable techno - palace. I'll send you information on the tax breaks & grants that can get these systems to you at a fraction of the price.
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