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Truly Unique & Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Whole Family
Eco - Smart Holiday Gift Boutique

I've been choosing Christmas gifts for all the special someone's in your life. Click the links below or browse Real Goods & Gaiam yourself. You'll be amazed at the unique gifts that you won't find at the local mall.

Unique Gifts For Her

Eco-Smart Gifts For Him

Cool & Educational Christmas Gifts For Kids

Eco-Smart Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies & Small Children

iconicon  These solar powered lights provide tasteful holiday decorations without tapping the grid., Inc


Most popular Items @ our Gaiam partner site.., Inc 

Click the banners & browse on your own
OR browse the other shops in my Mindful Mall


Buy 'Power To The People' computing & electronics from Apple.
I use Apple computers for everything, including this site. They work great & Steve Jobs is a good 'ole Ex hippie with a social conscience.





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