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Eco - Smart & Unique Enivronmentally Conscious Gadget Gifts For Him.
Give Christmas Gifts That Give & Give Back...

icon iconicon Eco Media Player
One minute of winding the hand crank provides up to 40 minutes of digital music, video & FM radio! Features color LCD screen & 24-bit digital audio processing and in-ear headphone. Supports MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV & Ogg Vorbis audio, & all video file types (after conversion with included software). Stereo line-in allows 64/128/192K MP3 recording; text-file viewer lets you read on the go. Slide show function displays JPEG, BMP and GIF files. Also charges via USB. Plays up to 20 hours on a full charge. 2 gigabyte (500 songs) memory expandable with SD memory cards (not included). Can be used as an external hard drive. Has a great FM radio built-in, & a built-in L.E.D. flashlight. Includes cell phone adapters for charging, built-in microphone, USB cable and 3.5mm stereo jack lead. This thing rocks.


iconicon icon icon - Solar backpack electronics charging system.
This just rocks! I'm not even going to write about how much it rocks because I'm going out to use mine right now. Click on the picture to learn more about it & purchase it from our partners at Gaiam.

iconicon   Solar Charging Camera Bag
A roomy way to tote digital cameras and gear, while charging their batteries.

iconiconGreen Living Gift Certificates!
Let 'em pick out his own stuff! 

  iconicon Adventure Plus Tool
This pocket-sized item carries out 7 handy functions — offering a bright LED flashlight, liquid-filled and freeze-resistant dial compass, digital thermometer, magnifier, mirror, whistle, & match-sized dry-storage compartment — all in one tool. Perfect for the adventurer in your life. Includes lanyard.


Buff Multi Function Bodywear - AS FEATURED ON SURVIVOR! I have one of these & I keep coming up with new ways to wear & use it.


iconiconUniversal Solar Charger
All 'gear-heads' will love this adaptable, DC solar charger for their small electronics. Your boys will have as much fun to using it as they will showing it off to friends. This small folding unit comes with 7 different DC plugs that cover more than 90% of cell phones, portable CD, MP3 players, & GPS units. AND, the system is expandable... For more power, up to 5 iSun units can be plugged into each other with included spine connector. All that fun & less poisoning of the planet from battery disposal. Click pic for more details & buying options.


iconicon Energy Generating Excercise System - Great for the whole family! Get those chunky X-Box playin' / lunchables eatin' kids up & crankin' out some energy for that X-Box as you get them in shape. See it as an instant work-reward-excercise program & energy economics training program by having them pedal long enough to generate as much energy as will be required to run those mind-numbing games for as long as they want to play them. Also works on out-of-shape spouses or any couch potato. Click pic to Get more details & buy.


  iconiconPowerDock portable Solar Power Station
Run your laptops, cell phones, GPSs and other modest power-gear in remote sites


iconicon icon  Ultimate Hammock for your ultimate dude.
Schwing.. Made from recycled soda bottles! Ladies, sometimes us guys just gotta' let it all hang out. Give us this tool to do so, & we promise to only think of you as we schwing.. ;-> Good for day dreamin', thought streamin', etc.


  iconicon Reel Lawn Mower
OK, so maybe this isn't the most romantic gift, BUT I have a reel mower & if your guy likes a healthy lawn this is the gift for him. The scissor cut is healthier for grass. In thicker tropical grass like mine, the reel mower gives a bit of a workout which also keeps me healthier, saves me trips to the gym & keeps my bod nice & toned which my girl seems to like ;-P.



Recycled Copper Fire Pit
Sometimes a guy's just gotta' get away, even if it's only to the backyard to sit with the fella's & have a brewski. Girls, let your guy make a sanctuary in the backyard with one of these fire pits so he can get a bit primal & talk about stuff like how he's gonna' clean the garage & cook you dinner tomorrow night.. ;->

iconicon icon Solar Mosquito Guard These amazing things have gotten good reviews. These pocket-sized devices emit a high-frequency wave that repels some mosquito species. No evidence proves mosquitoes hear, yet these really seem to work! On/off switch so you don't have to activate until the mosquitoes arrive. Battery fully recharges in 3 hours of sun. Click pic to Get more details & buy.  

iconiconicon Natural Light Desk Lamp
Be easy on his eyes in more ways than you already are.. ;->

iconicon  Sardine Can Survival Kit
Lightweight waterproof tin puts entire survival kit in pocket. Holds a compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin pain reliever, fire starter cube, adhesive bandage, energy nugget, reflective signal surface, fish hook & line, duct tape, wire clip, note paper, tea, sugar, salt, gum, watertight bag, safety pin, antibiotic ointment & alcohol prep pad. With All this gear stashed in the smallest possible space keeps bikers, hikers, campers, boaters & adventurers of all kinds prepared. Even floats!

  iconiconThe human-powered Vortex blender is for your outdoorsy type dude who needs such a device to make blended drinks on those long camping trips. This is NOT for making great mixed drinks at tail-gate parties or on those recreational boating trips.. Ladies, you can, however, ask your guy to make you your favorite daquiri in the middle of nowhere. Works anywhere muscles do.

iconicon  Mission Outdoor Solar Lighting Guys like gadgets & tinkering around in the yard. So get'em out of the house for a while to play with these power saving solar lights. Thanks to revolutionary white LED technology & an internal reflector, Mission Solar Lights disperse light more brightly & evenly than other solar lights available. Lamp fixture removes from hook for use as a table lantern. Made of rust-proof antiqued metal & durable bubble glass. Set of 2 light fixtures includes ground stakes & hanging hooks. Requires only 3 hours of direct sun to charge. No wiring! Lights switch on automatically at night.  
iconicon icon  Kinetic Energy Flashlight
A few shakes keeps this LED flashlight powered up without batteries, ever. Superbright & tight pro-light that can take a beating. This is not a toy. Variable lens.. Super cool flashlight for your gadget guy.

iconicon icon  Solar powered motion sensor security light. Keep the creepy crawlers & Grinches away.


  icon icon

Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Property Guard With Light
An eco-safe solution for any property that needs protection from foraging animals like deer, rodents & raccoons, or curious dogs & cats that like to dig. The Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Property Guard with Light chases away pests that come within 15 feet using sonic and ultrasonic pulses, & a high-intensity strobe light. Weather-resistant housing has mounting tabs to make installation on any fence, pole or outbuilding easy. Use included 120V AC adaptor or 4 C batteries. Imported.Note: If you have pets such as hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs, this device may cause them discomfort.

iconicon Power Dome
Portable all-in-one power station makes you ready for anything from an emergency to an outdoor party. It restores dead car batteries with 600 amps of current & inflates flat tires with a 275-psi air hose. Two AC outlets send 400W of power with a 1,000W peak surge to everything from tools to TVs while two 12V DC outlets run or charge small gadgets & electronics. There?s even an onboard 5-LED lamp. Overload & other safety features protect both you & your gear. Entire system recharges via AC or DC current to keep you permanently prepared.

iconicon icon 6-in-1 Utili-Key
Hides a knife blade, serrated cutting edge, micro-sized phillips screwdriver, eyeglass & #1 flat screwdrivers, and bottle opener in a tiny key shape that fits on key ring. Made from tough 420 stainless steel, it’s the lightest, smallest, maybe even the handiest multi-tool ever.


See more solar Gadgets for him from our partners at Real Goods / Gaiam.

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