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"At The Universe does not jest with us, but is in earnest" -Rasph Waldo Emerson

Eco - Smart, Unique Teaching & Learning Christmas & Chanuka Gifts For Kids
Holiday gifts that give back. Feed Their Heads; Maybe They'll Save our Butts.
iconicon Solar Physics Educational Workshop! 
You want your kid to grow up to be a scientist, engineer, or inventor, right? Giving them toys like these will get them on their way to a valuable vocation. You may have the next T.Edison on your hands, but you'll never know unless you give them inspirational tools for their budding minds. Jobs in the renewable energy sector are burgeoning. Prepare them.
iconicon Solar Chrystal Rainbow Spinner. 

iconicon Hydrogen Racer Fuel Cell Car.

This incredible battery-free toy car may keep young &old amused, but it’s also a remarkable demonstration of a clean hydrogen-based energy future. A solar-powered “refinery” converts tap water to hydrogen. Fill your car’s tank as blue LEDs flash, and then watch as its advanced miniature fuel cell uses this element to send it zooming across the floor. There will be no emissions, just plenty of fascinating fun. 61⁄2"L x 23⁄4"W


iconicon The Power House Kit Iingenious & educational Power House kit. You build a model house complete with solar panels, wind turbine, greenhouse, & desalination system. In addition to the large model house, you can build & operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, electric motor, sail car, & more! Kit includes a huge variety of parts & pieces with a large-format, 4-color, richly illustrated 96-page Experiment Manual that includes 70 experiments & 20 building activities. The thoughtfully-designed series of experiments asks you to imagine you're living on a remote island with limited resources. To survive, you must learn how to harness the renewable powers of nature. Do a good job, & you thrive. The storyline grows & follows along, with each building phase being a springboard for further experiments & discussion. For ages 12 & up.


  icon icon Solar & Hand Crank Radio
A built-in solar panel, hand crank & AC adapter give you charging versatility with our Solar Radio. Only 30 seconds of cranking powers the internal NiMH battery for 35 minutes of AM and FM broadcasts. Runs 25 hours on a full charge and has an LED charge indicator. Features a see-through body so you can watch it work, an LED flashlight & earphone socket.

iconicon  Survival Kit in a Sardine Can
With all this gear stashed in the smallest possible space to keep bikers, hikers, campers, boaters and adventurers of all kinds prepared, it even floats.


icon Kite Building Kit - For the little Howard Hughes or budding pilot to learn the laws of aerodynamics & flight.

15% of your purchase helps send inner-city kids to the annual Earth Day for Kids hands-on education program at the Solar Living Institute.

iconicon    Solar Chrystal Chime.

Hang in a sunny window then watch & listen as the solar panel turns the crystal & rings the chimes, sending sight & sound all over the room.



iconicon   Stellarscope
Put the Stellarscope in your pocket and head for the stars. A tool for charting the night sky on any day of the year, this portable planetarium uses computer-generated star maps and a series of calibrated wheels to help you find and identify the constellations and major stars. Includes night light.

iconicon icon Sundancer solar activated light show...
Older kids like me dig on this thing too..  
icon iconicon Energy Generating Excercise System - Get those chunky X-Box playin' lunchables eatin' kids up & crankin' out some energy for that X-Box as you get them in shape. See it as an instant work-reward-excercise program by having them pedal long enough to generate as much energy as will be required to run those mind - numbing games for as long as they want to play them. Also works on out-of-shape spouses or any couch potato.  
iconiconicon Discovery Pack
So, maybe you're no Einstien. But, perhaps you can be the parent of one. Live vicariously through your child's genius. When they accept the Nobel prize, they can trace it back to you buying them this!

iconicon icon Solar Car Book/Kit icon A complete build-it-yourself working solar car kit with parts, instructions, & a whole lot of pain-free, often highly amusing science. Comes with wheels, axles, motors, wires & a genuine one-volt solar cell. No glue, no nails, no tape & no batteries required (unless you want to cheat). Build this car today, & it will run forever, thanks to that big solar battery in the sky. 44 pages. For ages 8 & up. Great fun, every kid needs one.


 Solar Powered Flashlight. Charge in sun a few hours & read comic books under the covers way past your bedtime.


  iconicon icon Zecar
Amusingly zippy lesson in flywheel kinetic energy technology. All sales royalties are given to Projeto Mil Folhas, a vital 1,615,000 sq. ft. Amazon reforestation project. Zecar’s maker matches these funds to create a double donation that literally rides to the rescue of the rainforest.


Get your kids started on the bestest, friendliest, computers. The Mac OS environment spawns creativity.  

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