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"Love is a great beautifier."

-Louisa May Alcott


Environmentally Conscious Christmas Gifts That Give & Give Back
Eco - Smart & Unique Holiday Gifts For Her

Holiday gift giving selections from Environmentally Responsible Businesses
Solar powered Garden Critter Lights - She'll love these unique accent lights make her flowerbeds into a vision out of a mid summer night's dream.



Eco Glass Fireplace
This European bio-fuel burning fireplace is a truly unique & romantic gift she is sure to love. A beautiful conversation peice that lights up a home weather lit or not. Curl up with her in its glowing warmth so she can tell you how wonderful you are for finding such a unique & romantic gift.icon


 Flex-Arm BedLounge - This is the best excuse for not getting out of bed. Great for watching stuff, reading stuff, working on laptop stuff & spending time in that in-between phase of not quite being asleep but not really awake either. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


iconicon Solar Table Candle.. icon Turns any table or evening backyard picnic into a futuristically romantic setting. Show your sensitive side by showing you love the planet almost as much as you love her.. ;->



  iconicon Rise and Shine® Lamp
Wake gently with progressing light and sound.. Maybe this will help with any requests you have first thing in the morning ;-P.



Balance Ball Chair -
A customer favorite & top seller. Thw support & comfort it provides must be experience. Promotes a healthy spine & good posture Great for work & working out.

iconicon   Velvet & Silk Scarf
From Au Lac Designs, fair trade group
Jewel-tone Velvet & Silk Scarf provides a 100% increase in income for Vietnamese families. Rayon velvet backed with raw silk. 80"L x 8"W with frayed silk ruffle edge.

Get her a C2 baby doll shirt to show her where you got all these great gift ideas.


icon icon  Organic Cotton Darted Jacket
Zip this streamlined jacket over tanks or tees for a look that's sleeker than a hoodie or sweatshirt. 90% organic cotton/10% spandex offers comfortable stretch. Sleeve tab detail. Low eco-impact dyes.

iconicon TwiLight Mini
Clinically proven blue light therapy to restore your body’s natural sleep patterns. Set this flickerless, silent blue light on your bed stand, turn on 30-60 minutes before sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster & sleep more soundly while your circadian rhythm is naturally rebalanced. Cool to the touch; high/low settings.


Make her bed a cloud... I've found out that women love blankets, big down comforters, & cuddling in big soft beds. This year, why don't you totally ensconce her in soft, feathery down. Check out the following products, & wrap her up.


Organic Cotton Sateen sheets - Nothing is softer & better for you & the planet than organic cotton. Once you sleep in these you'll never go back.



Organic Cotton Fireside Throws- Eco-smart & stylish — Giving organic cotton a new look. With cashmere-like softness, easy-care comfort & purity;This throw is a handsome accessory for any bed, couch or favored chair. In low eco-impact colors with hand-knotted 10" fringe. Ruby, natural, pine or honey.

iconicon  Organic Wool Mattress Padicon Natural insulating properties of the Natura Grow Wool™ filling help regulate body's temp in warm & cool weather so you spend more time in REM sleep & less time waking to adjust covers. Naturally non-allergenic. Covered in 100% natural cotton


icon  Ultimate Organic Body Pillow- Give her something warm & soft to cuddle up with when you're not there. She will have to get used to it not snoring though.. ;->

icon   iconicon

CleanDown Luxury Comforter -  A great solution for allergy sufferers, the French Clean Down Comforter is hypo-allergenic, has more loft than ordinary down & superior insulation. Washed & treated to remove impurities, bacteria & dust. Covered in natural 330 count cotton.


iconicon PlasmaWave Air Purifier. Sometimes you & your woman just have to clear the air.. You can use this gift as a hint for starting that conversation or perhaps returning to the one she brought up that you blew off. Clear the air with this state of the art plasma purifier. Click the picture link for all the details of this new system & scrub her surrounding air of your stinkiness ;->.



icon Linen Puff Rocker
Along with shoes, women seem to have a 'thing' for rocking chairs. This is a soft, puffy rocker that you may have to fight to stay awake in! Maybe she'll let you sit in it once in a while.



  icon Water Bell Fountain -
The soothing sounds of moving water and temple bells combine to change the aural atmosphere of any room. Instant meditation chamber, just add water!



 Healthmate HEPA Air Filtration - She asks for the moon.. Give her the air.
If it's VOCs that are your primary concern, or if you suffer from asthma or pulmonary disease, the Healthmate HEPA Air Filters are your top choice for serious contaminant removal. Click pic to read more info on our Gaiam partner site.


iconiconLet her pick out her own stuff! 

It's my theory that every woman knows what they want (at least when it comes to the material world), so avoid the hassle of a hassle & let her do one of the things she probably does best & enjoys anyway: SHOP. ;->



Buff Multi Function Bodywear - I have one of these & I keep coming up with new ways to wear it... Every gal I show mine to tries to convince me to give it to her, so they must like 'em.


  iconicon Nocturnal Necklace.
This is functional jewelry that allows you to tell time by the stars. iconClick for more details & buy on our Gaiam partner site.


iconicon icon  Deluxe Air Washer -
A unique gift you're not likely to find anywhere else, that could be a gift for your too, especially if your girl has had complaints about you're aromas.. Could be just the distraction you need.. ;->
The energy-efficient Air Washer purifies & hydrates the air in your home as effectively as a good rain. 16 plastic humidifying discs constantly scoop through the tank water to capture particles as small as 0.5 microns with nearly silent operation. A digital readout displays the humidity level (whether it’s running or not); auto-adjusts while operating. Includes a fragrance compartment for your favorite aromatherapy oil. Patented antibacterial Ionic Silver Stick yearly to prevent bacterial growth. Uses only 24W of energy. Cleans & humidifies up to 750 sq. ft.

iconicon   Wildflower Fields Forever..
Women love fresh flowers. Give her this gift that keeps on giving.
icon iconicon  Meditation Chair
Give your girl a supportive place to sit & reflect on how wonderful you are ;->

iconicon Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Device
Bring near-immediate relief from a long list of health issues

Total Body BalanceBall Kit

iconicon  Herbal Shoulder Wrap + Explorations CD
Contoured herbal wrap offers relaxing, deliciously fragrant treatment that stays in place while you stand, walk or sit. Can be chilled or heated in a microwave, releasing flaxseed, lavender & 11 other healing herbal scents in a physician-blended formula. Includes 59-minute Explorations CD.

More Ideas for her in the Eco-Chic Boutique & Greenesis Shops

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