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"In economics the majority is always wrong."

- John Kenneth Galbraith

Get Green & Own The Natural Industrial Revolution.
Socially / Environmentally Conscious Investment Books - S.R.I

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Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference & Making Money - by Amy Domini
ow to Profit While You’re Making a Difference It sounds like an oxymoron: Can you really make money as a socially responsible investor? The answer is, unquestionably, yes. The way you invest can contribute not only to your bottom line but also to a just and fair society. In Socially Responsible Investing, the movement’s pioneer and the name behind the Domini 400 Social Index—Amy Domini—shows you how. By following Domini’s methods for screening companies, you’ll learn how to:
*Select stocks based on social and ethical considerations.
*Use your power as a shareholder to communicate with companies and convince them to make positive social
changes—from environmental practices to human rights.
*Invest in your community and make a difference locally. If you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather invest your money where you knew it would make a positive difference? Socially responsible investing has helped alleviate suffering, has contributed to a cleaner world, and has constructed a framework within which companies become part of the solution—all while providing market-beating returns. Most investors operate on the concept that investing is an act without real world consequences. Nothing could be further from the truth. By following the strategies and techniques outlined in this important work, you can have it all—outstanding financial returns and a positive contribution to society.

Socially Responsible Investment : A Global Revolution (Society of Investment Professions) - by Russell Sparkes
Over the past decade, socially responsible investment (SRI) has changed from being a niche market to become a core consideration for mainstream investors. As such, pension fund advisers, trustees of charitable foundations and other investment professionals want to understand this new phenomenon. Up to now they have lacked any reference book to teach them what they need to know about SRI. This gap is now filled by the publication of Socially Responsible Investment: A Global Revolution, the first book on SRI specifically written for investment professionals and their clients. The book will also help business executives and business schools looking at better corporate governance and business ethics.
Socially Responsible Investment describes how SRI has moved from fringe to mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic, and its current explosive growth rate in Asia and Europe. The book consists of three parts:
* Part One traces the historical development of the subject and analyses the different types of activity that comprise it. It also provides detailed analysis of the typical investor in SRI funds.
* Part Two describes the emerging consensus that SRI for institutional investors concentrates on four main issues: the environment, human rights, corporate governance, and financial return. Each of these subjects is covered in depth.
* Part Three concentrates on the rapid growth of socially responsible investment around the world, as it truly becomes a global revolution.
"To newcomers and veterans of the SRI movement, Russell Sparkes’ "Socially Responsible Investment, a Global Revolution" is a "must read". You will come away with a fresh appreciation of the history, evolution, and potential of socially responsible investing. The book is well researched. To Russell Sparkes--thank you!" Patricia Wolf, RSM, Executive Director, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
"The next few years will be crucial for the long term future of Socially Responsible Investment. Russell Sparkes’ timely book sets the scene very clearly for those who are shaping the agenda, but it will also be of value to people who are responding to the challenge of investing responsibly" Helen Wildsmith, Executive Director, UK Social Investment Forum
"The Ethical Investor (1995) changed my views on what could done to harness investment to social responsibility in the UK context. This book now moves the agenda to the world stage and is essential reading for all those who can see the need to harness capitalism to SRI objectives in the post Sept. 11th world, and that after the Enron and Worldcom scandals, SRI can deliver the better world we need" Tony Colman MP, House of Commons International Development Select Committee
"The growth of SRI has been one of the most important - but often misunderstood - investment trends of the past decade. Russell Sparkes provides an invaluable analysis of the main SRI developments and issues for both professional and private investor alike, writing with true authority and insight" Stuart Bell, Research Director, PIRC Ltd
"At just the moment when the relationship between corporations and society is coming dominate political agendas, Russell Sparkes has produced an invaluable sequel to The Ethical Investor. Global in scope, Socially Responsible Investment is a practical, authoritative, readable guide that will well-serve both institutional and individual investors. Sparkes’ twenty plus years in the field and his understanding of cross-cultural issues give his work a unique depth and application wherever investors want to effect positive social change" Peter D. Kinder, Chief Executive Officer of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
"Russell Sparks has filled a huge need. In this magisterial volume, he has brought together the history, language and lore of shareholder activism and responsibility into coherence. For everyone searching for ways for owners to make corporations part of the solution for global problems, this book is a must read" Robert A.G. Monks, Chairman, Lens Investment Management and Publisher of concerned with corporate governance and shareholder responsibility
"…a useful tool for investors and managers. Not the untested ideals of someone wishing to jump on the ethical band wagon but the considered and tested observations of a successful institutional investor of conviction"
"…having compared Socially Responsible Investment to an iceberg, Russell Sparkes explains many of those aspects of the subject not obvious on the surface." J E Rogers, Chief Executive, UKSIP The Society of Investment Professionals

Investing with Your Values (Conscientious Commerce) - by Hal Brill
The fact is that you can make money and make a difference at the same time! Now in paperback, this step-by-step guide answers all the financial basics and makes it easy to link your money with your values in a high-performance portfolio.
- The philosophy and fascinating history that built SRI (socially responsible investing)
- An explanation of the visionary new framework of "Natural Investing"
- How to outperform the market and be a force for social change
- Shareholder activism and community investing
- Detailed information on socially responsible stocks, mutual funds, and bonds
- Stories, lists of funds and companies, worksheets, & scores of resources

The Mindful Money Guide: Creating Harmony Between Your Values &Your Finances by Marshall Glickman
Money & conscience are often at odds--but now with this practical, easy-to-follow guide you can create a balance between strong financial health and a rich, meaningful life.
Why is it so difficult to stop seeing the world in terms of money--who has it, who doesn't, what things cost? How much is enough? After several years as a stockbroker on Wall Street, Marshall Glickman left the fiscal stress behind and moved to the serenity of Vermont. There he re-evaluated his relationship with money. Now, in The Mindful Money Guide, Glickman shares his unique, practical approach to reconciling your money with your ideals. Along with sound advice on how to save for college, finance a car, and invest in the stock market, this holistic strategy will help you to
- Learn the crucial difference between what you want and what you need
- Remove the anxiety--and dread--from money management
- Develop benign and effective financial tactics for every stage of your life
- Reconcile your social and environmental concerns with your cash flow
- Spend your money while making the world a better place
- Change the socially irresponsible policies of corporations whose stock you own
- Integrate your holistic principles into decisions about insurance, real estate, educating your children, retirement, wills, and much more!
A reassuring, practical resource, The Mindful Money Guide offers you a transforming opportunity--to develop a wise financial plan while maintaining your principles.

The SRI Advantage : Why Socially Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Financially by Peter Camejo
Socially responsible investing (SRI) is investing that is mindful of the impact on society of that investment. It is often described to investors as allowing them "to do well by doing good." SRI usually describes investments that screen out companies that violate environmental or other laws, use child labor or sweatshops, discriminate in hiring, or—in general—produce products detrimental to society or engage in practices deemed reprehensible by most people.
Although many people want to invest in socially responsible ways, until recently most investors believed that they had to give up some measure of performance to do so. The SRI Advantage demonstrates why this is emphatically not the case. It presents overwhelming evidence that SRI has outperformed financially, explains in detail why SRI outperforms, and then examines the im-plications for investment professionals, investors, pension funds, and community/nonprofit groups. Authored by Peter Camejo—the chair of an SRI investment fund—in collaboration with more than a dozen other SRI professionals, The SRI Advantage includes chapters on:
• Pension funds and fiduciary responsibility
• The energy industry and SRI
• SRI mutual fund performance
• The international dimension of SRI
• Community investing strategies
• Foundations and mission-related investing
Prefaced by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and introduced by Republican corporate accountability advocate Robert A. Monks, The SRI Advantage will be of special interest to investment advisors and financial planners, private investors, the nonprofit sector, brokers, mutual fund managers, and—especially given the Enron scandal—pension fund trustees and staff.
Peter Camejo has 17 years of experience as an investment adviser, specializing in socially responsible investing. He founded the California-focused Council for Responsible Public Investment, created the Eco-Logical Trust for Merrill Lynch—the first environmentally screened fund for a major firm, and a top performer—and is chair of an asset management company.

You Can't Eat Gnp: Economics As If Ecology Mattered - by Eric A. Davidson
an engaging guide both to the flawed connection between current economics and the environment, as well as how they would work in a sustainable world." -Thomas E. Lovejoy, The World Bank
"In clear, measured prose Davidson lays out how the traditional tools of economics don't work when you are talking about concrete things like soil, forests, garbage." -Inc.
Ecology and economics are not doomed to be adversaries. This lively and concise book presents the exciting new insights of environmental economics as well as the three fallacies of conventional economic analysis. You Can't Eat GNP offers a blueprint for a truly sustainable economy that recognizes the natural resources (like water, air, and soil) on which we ultimately depend.
Eric A. Davidson, Ph.D., is a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center. His fieldwork takes him from the Brazilian Amazon to the re-growing forests of New England and he has conducted research at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are : A Guide to Values-Based Investing - by Scott Fehrenbacher - Scott Fehrenbacher is founder and former president of American Values Investing, which researches the cultural integrity of America’s public companies. He is also president and CEO of


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