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"Fashions, after all are only induced epidemics. "

- George Bernard Shaw


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Check out our Viridian Models. Viridian Green Girls R Sexy & Smart! See Miss M ( the new V-Girl, now! )

Expand Your Consciousness: Green style/fashion books

Vote with your Wallet: Wear Your Conscience

'E=C2' organic cotton T-shirts & other Swag. Wear the revolution! I'm designing other C2 gear right now, so Sign up for the e-mail group for updates. My equation is 'E=C2'. Playing on Einstein's theory of relativity, my theory is that "Environmentalism = Conscious Consumerism"


Browse the ever changing variety of environmentally, Incconscious fashions available from Gaiam.
Support fair trade & labor.

No Enemy - Organic clothing, conscious message.

Natural High Lifestyle - a unique line of stylish, functional clothing made with natural hemp fibers, ideal for yoga and active lifestyles. Our vision is to raise awareness regarding the efficient use of earth's renewable natural resources, while inspiring the movement to a conscious, sustainable future for the benefit of all. We are confident you will enjoy living the Natural High Lifestyle.

American Apparel - A socially conscious clothing manufacturer in the USA


Aveda - veda believes in conducting business in a manner that protects the Earth, conserves resources & does not compromise the ability of future generations to sustain themselves.

Tweezerman - Socially responsible manufacturing.


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