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"Every generation laughs at old fashions, but follows religiously the new."
Henry David Thoreau

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Environmentally Conscious Fashion Books & Publications

Browse these titles in your favorite local or on-line bookstore... Post your reviews on these & other books and / or discuss them in our forums.

There's not many books directly related to this issue that I could find. How about someone out there writing one? The market seems open for you.. Or let me know of any others & I I'll include them. 

    Eco Chic: Organic Living -by Rebecca Tanquery, Rebecca Tanquera
Eco Chic is an essential & stylish guide to following this new eco-consciousness, looking at the organic movement in four key areas: food & drink, interiors & design, health &beauty & fashion. More Info or Buy Now.

Chíc Eco Directory, 2004 Edition -by Delia Montgomery
The Chíc Eco Directory consist of environmental wholesale design sources for homes, bodies and gardens. Discover thousands of creative products made from artisans around the world distributed by nearly one thousand verified businesses. Fashion, art, aromatherapy and cosmetics for all genders and ages made from botanicals, essential oils, hemp, bamboo, coir, jute, kenaf, sisal, organic cotton, recycles, derivatives &more.
Wholesalers offer product development instruments and can assist in business to business needs. Retailers, marketeers and consultants may benefit from creative vendors while consumers can learn what to look for in every fashion forte. This directory will save time and money for wholesalers, retailers and individuals. CD-ROM included.
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energy | diet | fashion| home/garden | construction | investment | transportation | agriculture

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