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"As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them."
-Louis Bromfield

Conscious Consumers, Vote With Your Wallet! Own The Green Industrial Revolution.
Viridian Green, Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Products & Services

Classical Medicine! - Use nature & ancient wisdom for healing in place of synthetic, symptom covering / side-effect-causing drugs. Support the sensitive areas of our terra firma where many of these remedies are harvested from. Not agriculture but "PeopleCulture!"


Tell us about more green conscious, organic farming & environmentally responsible, renewable resource agriculture / farming products &services by E-Mailing information... And/or discuss them in our forums. Toxic pesticides & chemical fertilizers do not need to be on or in our foods. Learn about organic farming & gardening, then demand organic produce & organic foods in your supermarkets. They benefit you and the entire planet simultaneously... It's a win/win situation. Also demand recycled paper products as well as wood & paper products from companies who care about the environment & our forests.

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