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""Bad men live that they may eat, & drink,
where as good men eat & drink to live."

- Socrates"

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   It's all very simple; maybe that's why we've been so confused. Let's break it down to the elements. Your body is a natural eco-system. The body is part and parcel of a larger natural eco-system (the earth and it's environment). When you put natural fuels into your personal eco-system then your body is going to run smoother, faster and cleaner. It follows that the foods we put into our personal eco-system should be as close to their uncorrupted, naturally existing state for easiest absorption and utilization.

   Food is just a fuel source to power your body and brain. Put something unnatural into it (synthetic and or processed into such a state as could never exist in nature... Even cooking is nutritionally detrimental and chemically corruptive to most foods).

  The more we remove foods from their natural, "alive" states, the more side effects we get from ingesting them. Those side effects develop into serious diseases with repetitive of ingestions over time as the body's natural state of equilibrium is continuously disrupted. Examples of dietary side effects are indigestion, heartburn, weight gain, certain cancers, cardiovascular, epidermal, and muscular disease. Etc.).

    In order to get more insight, imagine yourself in your body's place. You are a natural, self-contained eco-system. A foreign agent enters; let's say it's a sour cream & onion potato chip (one of my favorites in my former, less healthy-less happy life). Among several other synthetic chemicals, they contain hydrogenated oil. Your body is not acquainted with this artificial molecule. In essence it is forced into a situation of "What the hell is that and what am I supposed to do with it?" Your body reacts, often first trying to jettison what it can't assimilate (i.e. sweating out the toxins through the skin, passing them through the intestines, carrying them through the blood and lymph fluids, etc).

  Each bodily process of rejection also has reactions; (that zit you buy all those products to eliminate, bad breath and other body odors, etc. etc., etc.) Years of repeated ingestion of elements that cannot be assimilated or completely rejected lead to more serious bodily reactions. Non-assimilated and indigestible elements continually passing through and getting caught within the intestines are a possible cause of cancers here. The same applies to elements being passed off to the kidneys, blood, and lymph fluids; possible causes of cancers in those systems and heart disease.

   Now lets relate the microcosm of the human body eco-system to the macrocosm of the eco-system of the planet earth. This simple relation forms a way for us to understand that eating what’s right for our body is also right for the planet... This forms the basis of my "Personal Health Conscious Diet is the Environmentally Conscious Diet" argument. I believe that this argument, among other things, helps to show that the natural universe makes sense. It is only we humans that ultimately cause our own problems by acting like spoiled children and not playing by its rules.

(continued, next column)

The body does not have such negative reactions to foods that are naturally in a ready to eat state. These are foods already prepared for you having been cooked all they need to be by the sun. Naturally ready to eat foods; unless you are naturally allergic to them, are perfect, easily assimilated energy sources.

   As for allergies, there are many theories as to why allergies occur and are becoming more widespread; most of them exploring how many allergies are also a product of man's unbalanced interference in natural systems.

   The other thing that is hard to swallow (literally) for most American's is the subject of meat eating. Again, let's get down to basics...

    The human digestive tract has little in common in comparison to other carnivores on this planet. Our Digestive system is most similar to herbivores.

    Meat eating among humans appears to have begun and reoccurred only among tribes who began to settle in harsher, colder climates where fruits and vegetables were not always readily available. It may have begun as a last ditch, desperate need to survive act, during the ice age. Some anthropologists theorize that the practice of killing other humans may have begun and developed among the tribes who first killed other animals to eat. This may have begat murder and war among humans.

    Whatever you think about my murder theory, the evidence suggests that American's die of heart disease, colon and prostate cancer and many other diseases in great numbers because of their love of meat. Our digestive tract is just plain not set up for it. If we want to continue to argue with our own biology, well that's up to us.

   What's worse is that we are not only hurting ourselves with our meatcentric diet.

   As mentioned in our Agriculture pages, our environment also cannot support this insatiable lust for meat. And if you think you need meat to have the fit muscular body you've been taunted with in those gym commercials, you're also wrong. Look at gorillas, rhino's and other massive land mammals.. Pretty strong. Not carnivores in the least.

  It just makes beautiful sense that what is good for our bodies is also be good for the environment that cradles, and gives our body sustenance. Wouldn't it seem like a dirty trick if that wasn't the case. However, as we continually pollute our bodies with synthetic, dead, and otherwise man-altered food products, we pollute the planet as well and give it diseases which are a direct creation of humanity.

   The standard American diet produces a tremendous amount of byproducts and waste. So, as we are hurting most the ones we love most (ourselves), we are also biting the hand that feeds (mother earth). How bad do we need to let things get before we get these messages.

This area of our site will continually explore these issues and try to provide you with solutions that benefit you while benefiting all. For more see my article Escape From The Planet Of The Cows.

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